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MYSTLABS launched the world’s first vape with push-pull hidden mouthpiece design

Juul nicotine salt inventor as its chief scientist


MYSTLABS (Shenzhen Wuling Technology Co., Ltd.) held the first new product launch since its establishment on 27th July. It launched the world’s first push-pull hidden mouthpiece design product officially. The first product is named as P1.

From the information disclosed at present, MYSTLABS founder management team is splendid. Xing Chenyue, former Juul‘s chief scientist and inventor of nicotine salt. This is one of the most attractive features of MYSTLABS. All practitioners in the electronic cigarette industry are familiar with the revolutionary significance of nicotine salt to this industry.

MYSTLABS team debut

In addition to Xing Chenyue, the chief scientist, MYSTLABS disclosed three other senior executives.

MYSTLABS CEO is Chen Min, former general manager of TCL Communications Intelligence Application Department and senior executive of Superman Intelligence, the first listed company in robotics industry in Hong Kong.

COO Liu Yu, former president of BlackBerry China, has the ability in deep supply chain resources integration, leading the production team to achieve the highest quality delivery target in the shortest time.

Co-founder Yao Xiaochao, a well-known investor in Silicon Valley. The $310 million D-round financing completed shared scooter company Lime is his angel investment project. Looking at MYSTLABS research and development capabilities and team strength, he decides to join the venture team with the money.

Interestingly, this is an entrepreneurial team with an average age of 39. Yao Xiaochao joked that although it was long past the age of hot blood, they are still full of ethusiasm. This ethusiasm is for longing to become famous overnight, but devoting itself to making a good electronic cigarette, truly solving the pain point of smokers, providing safe and reliable electronic cigarette product MYSTLABS with medical-grade production standards for smokers.

MYSTLABS emphasizes that the target users of the product are mature smokers. And it’s the most frequently mentioned keywords at the press conference. This also makes the design team of MYSTLABS deliberately avoid using cool and trendy elements in design, but adopt a calmer design style, in order to avoid attracting the attention of teenagers and non-smokers.

MYSTLABS believes that this is not only the embodiment of design style, but also the embodiment of corporate social responsibility.

MYSTLABS flagship product P1: the world’s first push-pull hidden mouthpiece design vape

MYSTLABS launched its flagship product P1 series at the launch, officially calling it the world’s first push-pull electronic cigarette with hidden mouthpiece. We saw such a design in the open market the first time.


This electronic cigarette with slider design comes from IDEO, the design team that designed the mouse for Apple, which is completely different from all other flat surface products on the market.


Yao Xiaochao said that this is a symbol of the ritual sense of lighter lighting cigarettes. “With a click, the fire ignited, the light dances and between huff and puff, smokers entered their own space of reverie. ”

At the same time, when the product is not used, slide it down in track, the mouthpiece enters a protective state, thus protecting the sanitation of the mouthpiece. The high strength steel shrapnel hidden in the slideway design can guarantee more than 20,000 push-pull times.

In terms of technology, MYSTLABS adopts the latest generation of honeycomb ceramic atomization core to maximize the true smoking experience. At the same time, there are up to 300,000 micron and submicron pore on the honeycomb ceramic surface, so that the leakage rate is strictly controlled within 5 per 10,000.

Yao Xiaochao said that during the actual test in the factory, various extreme scenarios were simulated, such as high-altitude low-pressure, long-term high-low-temperature conversion and so on. Even with MYSTLABS pods flying to the Antarctic, climbing Mount Everest and traveling around the equator, there will be a satisfying user experience.

The MYSTLABS shell is made of food grade stainless steel, which ensures the durability and wear resistance of the shell. It and also considers the safety and health of users.

MYSTLABS P1 hardware parameters: 350 mA batteries, its supplier is lithium energy 100 million latitudes, certified by EU CE-RoHS. One time charge supports 300 puffs. The slideway design guarantees 20,000 push-pull times. The latest generation of honeycomb ceramic atomizing core is applied. Double S airway.

Pods: Four flavors, nicotine content of 3 ml and 5 ml, the first batch of pods have classic Chinese tobacco, California orange, international mixed tobacco and Arctic ice flavors.


MYSTLABS also released a disposable vape pen.

The pushing hand behind MYSTLABS: Xing Chenyue, a female scientist

MYSTLABS mentions the terms Scientific Vaping at the launch meeting, and emphasizes the terms of science and technology at the booth. This is closely related to the background of Xing Chenyue, the chief scientist of MYSTLABS, and also wants to prove that MYSTLABS products have a strong scientific research background.

former Juul‘s chief scientist, Xing Chenyue

Xing Chenyue delivered a keynote speech at GMIC, saying that a sound business environment requires respect for science and patents.

“Based on my own experience and observation, I firmly believe that in the future in China, no matter which industry, it will return to technology first, because core technology is the real source of competitiveness and vitality of enterprises.” Xing Chenyue said.


Xing Chenyue’s most proud identity is Juul’s chief scientist, the inventor of nicotine salt.

As the inventor of nicotine salt, Xing Chenyue is a doctor of chemical engineering at the University of California. He has been engaged in the research and development of respiratory drugs. The reason why she pays attention to e-cigarettes is that she has witnessed many diseases caused by smoking and secondhand smoke, and the enormous medical investment resulted therefrom. (It seems almost all the vape brand founders use the same cliche)

Hence, Xing Chenyue accepted Juul’s invitation to become Juul’s first scientist, began a long process of research and development – testing – improvement exploration, and flew to New Zealand to cooperate with the famous local tobacco clinical laboratory twice. The e-liquid containing nicotine salt was successfully invented finally.

juul chief scientis, nicotine salt inventor

The invention of nicotine salt improves the transmission efficiency of nicotine in e-liquid in human body, makes electronic cigarettes closer to the taste of real cigarettes, and breaks through the biggest pain point of electronic cigarettes for a long time. At the same time, users reduce the amount of harmful substances inhaled compared with traditional tobacco, and reduce the maximum amount of harmful substances inhaled. It reduces the harm of second-hand smoke.

According to reports, before the invention of nicotine salt, 60% of smokers in the United States had tried to replace cigarettes with electronic cigarettes by only 6% successfull transition rate. After the invention of nicotine salt, the transition rate of electronic cigarettes of American smokers increased five times, changing the smoking mode of 30% of American smokers.


Faced with 350 million smokers in China, Xing Chenyue said, “I saw the positive changes brought by nicotine salt to American families. Chinese smokers should also have new choices to improve their quality of life and that of their families. So I want to bring my R&D spirit and ability in the United States back to China, develop better products, and bring them to more people in need.”

Xing Chenyue also talked about the current competition in China’s e-cigarette industry. She said that people say that e-cigarettes are entrepreneurship trend now, but many companies do not have a deep understanding of the industry, do not really intend to make a good product, do not really care about smokers. The proliferation of inferior electronic cigarettes will lead to more and more public’s misunderstanding of electronic cigarettes. The ultimate result may be that bad products drive out good ones and the whole industry is destroyed.


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