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Myst Labs vape opens another 50 stores in China


Following the opening of 20 new stores in May, Myst Labs, the leading e-cigarette provider, continued to expand steadily in China. In June, a total of 50 Myst Labs new stores nationwide opened one after another, which is expected to provide more than 200 jobs in more than 33 cities.

It is understood that the 50 new stores opened this time cover Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Shenyang, Harbin, Zhuhai, Chongqing, Kunming, Ningbo, Fuzhou, Foshan and other cities, and many stores have landed in first-tier shopping malls such as Vientiane City, Huihui, CapitaLand Plaza, Aegean Shopping Park, Intime Department Store, Jinyuan New Lufthansa Mall, etc. Among them, Wuhan, which has been greatly affected by the epidemic, Myst Labs opened 5 new stores there,which is the city with the most new stores.

In the face of the “reduction wave” brought about by the epidemic, ensuring employment has become the focus of industrial development in the post-epidemic era. Myst Labs hopes to continue to promote the development of the industry through innovation, and also strive to create more employment opportunities and help “stabilize employment.”

“This time we expect to be able to provide more than 200 new jobs in more than 33 cities, plus the 20 new stores opened in May, the total number of people is expected to be more than 300 people. We will pay for entry, material exhibition, member operation management and full-link marketing, and provide help and support to shopkeepers, as far as possible, to help more people find the direction of entrepreneurship in difficult times,” said the relevant person in charge of Myst Labs.

In the context of the epidemic speeding up the reshuffle of the e-cigarette industry, Myst Labs bucked the trend with an average of nearly 50 new stores every month, and it is inseparable from its deep cultivation and innovation in core technology and product capabilities.

In April this year, Myst Labs released its original new generation of nicotine technology, Nicotine X. Nicotine X technology can make the e-liquid maintain a proper buzz and a clearer throat hit even when the nicotine content is reduced to 1.7%. The birth of this disruptive technology provides smokers with high addiction relief with being addicted too much.

This technological breakthrough not only received a warm response in the industry, but also brought confidence to the majority of e-cigarette industry practitioners. In May of this year, Myst Labs bucked the trend and expanded, opening a total of 20 new stores across the country, and opening an overseas layout, entering more than 300 retail stores in the UK; Myst Labs has also been recognized by the official British medical institution, and its products have entered Birmingham City Hospital and Sandwell General Hospital.

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