Thursday, May 30, 2024

Solo-Flat Mini of Kingsong with Ceramic Atomization Technology is Launched


Recently, the Solo-Flat Mini (small bat) vape developed by Kingsong and the American brand VAPTIO is officially launched in China! This is a vape product with major technological breakthroughs, which receives strong attention from many vape consumers.

Solo-Flat Mini uses the innovative ceramic cotton-free technology – Honeycomb Ceramic Atomization System (HCAS), which greatly enhances the taste and safety of vape, and it is regarded as another monumental breakthrough after the low temperature non-combustion technology of IQOS.

Solo-Flat Mini

With the continuous introduction of tobacco control policies at home and abroad and the improvement of people’s health awareness, vapes as a representative of the smoke-reducing products have been favored by more and more ordinary smokers.

According to a survey by Euromonitor, a UK-based global retail market analysis company, there were about 35 million people vape worldwide in 2016, rising to at least 55 million by 2021. With the development potential of vapes, international tobacco giants such as Philip Morris International and Imperial Tobacco have rushed to the e-cigarette market.

Since last year, the market for vapes has quietly changed a lot. With the saturation of the e-cigarette player market, vapes have begun to turn to the nicotine market, represented by Kingsong Solo-Flat Mini (small bat), a small-power, small-sized and simple portable e-cigarette product (referred to as small vape) has become a new industry trend. Although some e-cigarette companies in China are competing to launch a number of small cigarette products, it is still difficult to meet the expectations of smokers in terms of technology and taste.

As a well-known brand in the e-cigarette industry, Kingsong, takes the advantage of years of domestic market experience and strong research and development strength, teams up with the American brand VAPTIO with deep technical cooperation, after two years of polishing, developed this small vape product Solo-Flat Mini.

The Solo-Flat Mini features an exclusive patented technology in a honeycomb ceramic atomizing system that offers unparalleled advantages:

  • Good taste: reduce the e-liquid guiding medium of cotton cloth, and the degree of mouthfeel reduction is high;
  • Don’t dry: reduce the risk of burnt and improve the service life;
  • More environmentally friendly: the heating process itself doesn’t produce harmful substances;
  • Anti-leakage oil: micro-scale holes in the ceramic surface, and good anti-leakage effect;
  • Healthier: Effectively filter large particles in e-liquid and make it healthier.

Solo-Flat Mini

Solo-Flat Kit

In addition, Kingsong Solo-Flat Mini Batman design elements, stylish, high value. Solo-Flat Mini combines a variety of humanized technologies: the vape juice and the battery magnetic connection, the two-color LED light display, are all easy to use; support the side charge pumping, support mouth suction and lung suction, so it can meet different needs.

Today’s small vape products are gradually becoming the main battlefield of the e-cigarette industry. With the advent of technology platforms such as nicotine salt, tobacco extract, heating and non-combustion, and honeycomb ceramic atomization system, it has brought a new sense of somatosensory use feeling. For users who quit smoking, products satisfy the smoke function are the real first choice.

This time, Kingsong along with its Solo-Flat Mini (small bat) vapes have launched four new nicotine e-liquid products, including Parisian style, flamenco, Tokyo story, and western cowboy. The Solo-Flat Mini, equipped with a new ceramic atomizing system, is a perfect match for the soft and non-choking nicotine salt-vape oil. This product by Kingsong brings vapors a higher level, subversive and unprecedented vape experience.

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