Sunday, July 21, 2024

Former Meizu technology director Gavin Zhang: joined electric vehicle manufacturer Shawan technology and didn’t make e-cigarettes


“In September this year, as a co-founder, I joined Shawan Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. as the CMO, responsible for the product planning, marketing and sales of the company’s intelligent electric two wheeled vehicles,” said Gai Wenzhang, former Meizu technology director, in a personal wechat subscription blog.

“For people coming out of the mobile phone industry, making e-cigarettes seems to be the expected choice. There are some people who come to me to make e-cigarettes, but they are really not suitable for me,” said Gavin Zhang.

Some insiders said e bike or e scooter industry is rising like the early stage of vapes this year. A mini ebike named DYU has been sold over 1 million sets by B2B in 2019 single year.

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