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Make Herb releases Make power bank and smart charging station for e-cigarettes


On November 30th, Make Herb, a new electronic atomizing brand in China, held a new product launch conference at the Shajing production base in Shenzhen, the world’s e-cigarette capital, and released the latest e-cigarette accessory product Make Power Bank + e-cigarette smart charging station for consistent vaping experience with consistent power.

It provides a stable and long-lasting current for the atomizing core, ensuring that each puff of smoke is soft and delicate, and atomized uniformly. Because the battery life of the electronic cigarette is an important factor affecting the user experience of the electronic cigarette.

We can see Make Herb maintains a high degree of insight into the actual needs of e-cigarette users for charging and battery life.This e-cigarette accessory released this time has a compact and portable design; smart wireless charging method; standard configuration Magnetic USB and TYPE-C interface are compatible with almost all electronic atomizing cigarettes; the three major innovations directly hit the pain points of consumers and will perfectly solve the battery life problem of electronic cigarettes.

Make Herb releases Make power bank and smart charging station for e-cigarettes

Make Herb Power Bank + e-cigarette smart charging station brings a new charging experience to smokers

Round, exquisite, compact, and minimalist, this is the first impression most people have of the Make Power Bank+ e-cigarette smart charging station. The appearance is technologically beige, and the appearance and delicate texture follow the “Apple style”. This combination of electronic cigarettes can complement each other. The wireless charging method further simplifies the user’s use steps and conveys a minimalist, convenient and unique lifestyle in the use experience, reflecting the brand’s commitment to creating a more perfect interactive experience between people and digital accessories.

The product adopts a separate design and consists of a 400mAh Make Power Bank (wireless magnetic charging power bank) and an electronic cigarette smart charging station (wireless charging base). The Make Power Bank can be attached to the electronic cigarette to achieve portable wireless With charging function, the smart charging station for electronic cigarettes can be placed on the desktop as a wireless magnetic charger.

As a separate mobile magnetic wireless charger kit, Make Power Bank+ e-cigarette smart charging station brings users not only a desktop wireless charger, but also an essential wireless power bank for travel. According to You Chengchao, the person in charge of Make Herb, “Many times we will go out to work temporarily. At this time, your e-cigarette is charging, and the power of the e-cigarette is insufficient. You only need to charge the wireless charging station. The treasure slides up along with the mobile phone, and you can go out with the e-cigarette and Make Power Bank directly. This design reduces the operation steps for users to switch between various products and realizes a new charging method and life experience.” Make Power Bank is only slightly larger than cigarette cartridges, and can be easily put into pockets and bags for daily use and has excellent portability. Make Power Bank has a battery capacity of 400mAh, which can fully support the battery life problem of temporary outings. At the same time, the charging status does not affect consumers’ addiction needs, and can be charged while pumping.

Make Herb releases Make power bank and smart charging station for e-cigarettes

In actual use, you only need to move the e-cigarette lightly close to the e-cigarette smart charging station, and it will be adsorbed and charged. This can truly get rid of the shackles of the charging wire, optimize the e-cigarette charging experience, and realize the e-cigarette holding It can charge freely and charge the electronic cigarette in trivial time, which improves the comfort of daily use.

In terms of compatibility, this is a wireless charging product that supports a variety of e-cigarettes, and is suitable for almost all e-cigarettes. In terms of details, the water-washed adhesive base can be restored after washing and can be pasted repeatedly for more than 1000 times.

Take a small product to the extreme

You Chengchao, the head of Make Herb brand, is a salesman who understands the market and the needs of customers very well. You Chengchao said, “The market competition is particularly fierce now. There must be a craftsmanship in making products. The extreme is the only way to consolidate the market and maintain survival. Make Power Bank+ e-cigarette smart charging stand is a product with low technical content, but it is a small accessory that e-cigarette consumers need. Make Herb hopes to make this small product. The highest quality, relying on detailed innovation, truly solves the pain points of consumers.”

“The e-cigarette industry has always had no lack of glamorous concepts. To make a product, you can’t just use the product as a tool to make money, but treat it as an aura of life, and you must carefully polish it and have an almost harsh attitude. Pursuing perfection in one detail, creating the product to the extreme, and truly bringing practical value to consumers, can make small products such as Make power bank + smart charging station for electronic cigarettes also emit a dazzling light.”

It is worth mentioning that last year’s Internet online sales ban and the epidemic in the first half of this year accelerated the reshuffle of the e-cigarette industry. After the survival of the fittest, truly powerful brands will usher in better development in 2020. Make Herb Is one of the best. Make Herb has its own technological characteristics in the field of e-cigarettes, and its style is also refreshing. Its technological innovation and R&D strength is very strong. With its silent work in the industry, especially the excellent operation of offline channels, it has become an eye-catching black horse in the industry.

Learn more about Mark Herb (Chinese website)

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