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Lucky Draw, Beer Drinking, Lottery in Inter-Tabac, Dortmund


The three-day Germany Dortmund Tobacco Exhibition (Inter-Tabac) took place as scheduled at the Dortmund Exhibition Center on September 14th. The event attracted over 700 participating companies, with over 130 businesses related to e-cigarettes. As the official media partner, 2FIRSTS dispatched a reporting team to the exhibition site to provide readers with first-hand reports.

At the scene of the exhibition, 2FIRSTS took stock of a series of unique and distinctive booths.

  • PMI launches lottery games

PMI has set up a lottery game at the exhibition site, with prizes including ILUMA, IQOS, cups, and lighters.


  • Smoore unveiled its special “beer counter” at the exhibition venue

As soon as visitors enter the booth, their attention is drawn to five eye-catching large beer barrels, attracting the gaze of numerous attendees.

Smoore brings German beer | Source: 2FIRSTS

  • “Scratch card” gaming devices

The exhibition featured “scratch card” gaming devices and also provided attendees with an entertaining option – an interactive “scratch card” game.

  • Aroma King showcases luxury cars and artisan dolls

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