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LOFE electronic cigarette brands, a low-key black horse


Fujian also has electronic cigarette manufacturers. Lofe, maybe you are not very familiar with the brand, but its gradually growing scale has to attract people’s attention. As an e-cigarette enterprise integrating R & D, design, production and sales in Fujian, it is expected to become a powerful black horse by the end of 2019!

It is understood that Lofe production base is located in Tong’an, Xiamen, Fujian, with an area of more than 5000 square meters and a high standard dust-free production line. The person in charge said they make sure that every smoker who trusts Lofe smokes clean and hygienic electronic cigarettes.

LOFE electronic cigarette brands, a low-key black horse

Lofe R & D laboratory is equipped with high-end and complete equipment; Lofe marketing center is located in Huli District, with a team of nearly 200 people. Entering the office, you can see that the team is full of spirit and busy every minute. One of the employees said: the development of e-cigarettes is too fast, we have to race around the clock.

According to Tianyancha, Lofe Electronic Technology (Xiamen) Co., Ltd., the owner of Lofe brand, was founded in November 2018. Although it has not been established for less than one year, it develops very fast! Lofe introduces the FMCG management team with rich management experience at home and abroad to join in and build the sales system.

According to the latest public data, as of July this year, the Lofe brand has covered nearly 200 cities in China, signed several distributors, and entered over 3000 terminal retail stores, covering large supermarkets, chain convenience stores, tobacco hotels, restaurants, KTV, cafes and other channels. It can be seen that the strong domestic e-cigarette market expansion ability.

LOFE electronic cigarette brands, a low-key black horse

While vigorously developing offline, Lofe has not ignored the domestic e-commerce retail market. The precisely arranged e-commerce channels include Alibaba, tmall,, Taobao, youzan and pinduoduo. Multiple platforms realize online and offline interaction.

It is worth mentioning that the sales volume of Lofe exceeded 400000 yuan at the 618 Carnival in Jingdong, with 2000 sets sold in total! For the upcoming “double 11 shopping festival” e-commerce war, they are well prepared.

LOFE electronic cigarette brands, a low-key black horse

The founder of LOFE brand regards LOFE as the first artwork in his life and puts forward LOFE’s mission and vision: “technology creates happiness”, “love technology, love life”.

Compared with the over marketing of e-cigarettes in the market today, he believes that e-cigarettes are only one of the means for smokers to replace cigarettes, which can greatly reduce the pain and agitation of smokers in the process of quitting smoking, and make them change to a healthier and happier lifestyle in a happy state. LOFE has been forging ahead in this direction.

LOFE electronic cigarette brands, a low-key black horse

Aiming at the domestic market, Lofe has launched three different styles of e-cigarettes, i.e. Fantexi e-cigarettes, Momo e-cigarettes and Orson disposable pod, to meet various consumer needs.

Aiming at overseas market, LOFE has launched three types of electronic cigarettes, i.e. Fantasy, Top and Ninja, which can be refilled with vape juice. Because of their novel style and fashionable modeling, they are sold well in Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia and the Middle East; the United States and Canada are actively exploring emerging markets.

LOFE electronic cigarette brands, a low-key black horse

In the battle era of electronic cigarette market, compared with the mature operation mode of the old brand electronic cigarette, how can the emerging electronic cigarette enterprises survive and stand out in this competition? To this question, the leader of Lofe summarized as follows:

First, the mission of the enterprise: to create a truly thoughtful and soul electronic cigarette.

Second, team cohesion, execution, and a good global perspective.

Third, marketing and promotion of e-cigarette industry is essential.

Shanghai IECIE electronic cigarette exhibition will be held from October 30 to November 1. It is reported that Leff electronic cigarette will participate in this electronic cigarette exhibition, and the new product, Fantasy, will be released for the first time. Welcome to experience!

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