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Colonel Keith Taylor’s story with a CBD company in China


The following account is the rest of the story involving FRAUD by the Chinese Company, HMI.

Read on and you will know.

Colonel Keith Taylor of Woodland Hills California, knowing in his years of research study of cannabis, that for him to get in the hemp business, he decided in April of 2017, to go to China where hemp and hemp derived products had been produced and sold for years.  Colonel Taylor’s mission was  to verify that the Chinese Company HMI actually had the technology to produce 99+percent CBD isolate on a commercial scale.  In order to do so, Colonel Taylor knew it was necessary to visit HMI’s hemp growing operation located on the border of North Vietnam and Southern China.  This area is referred to as the GOLDEN TRIANGLE.  In order to produce CBD isolate, it requires the growing of the hemp plant, then the harvesting of the flower from the plant, the drying of the flower, then extraction of the CBD from the flower by way of ethanol extraction method, the purification and recrystallization processes.

While Colonel Taylor had researched the growing of hemp, processing the hemp flower and then producing CBD Oil, he found that the best formula for doing so required the patented process of HMI to first produce the CBD Isolate.   Having had a naturalized Chinese partner for several years, he talked to a Chinese Company, named, HMI, about becoming a KRB partner in a Kentucky project known as Kings Royal Biotech, Inc (KRB).  He made an oral arrangement with HMI to become a thirty-five percent owner of KRB in return for a grant to KRB of the use of the HMI patent for producing CBD Isolate from the processed flower.  The agreement reached also included HMI’s commitment to design the required processing plant and contribute to the cost of construction.  He would later find that rather than help for KRB, HMI had other plans than to support KRB.

Colonel Taylor decided to take his launching the biggest crop of hemp ever grown in the United States in modern times, to the State of Kentucky, because his roots are in Kentucky where his family made their home initially in Calloway County.  Not only that, he has a great fondness for the Commonwealth for the traditions of the Kentucky Derby, basketball and bourbon whiskey.  He knew Kentucky had plenty cropland where he could raise the largest crop of hemp in the United States.  He also knew Kentucky had adopted the Hemp Research Project authorized by Federal law and administered through state agriculture departments.  He started his work in Kentucky in the summer of 2017 and soon found the land needed in Carlisle and Hickman Counties.  He contracted with farmers there to grow his first large acreage of 2300 acres.  He secured the necessary license, purchased the required seed in late 2017, and in the summer of 2018, soon all the 2300 acres were growing hemp.   He knew after study of the use of all the hemp plant, that the stalk could be sold for a good profit for fiber. Colonel Taylor has also found a technology for producing products from this fiber that could make the fiber more valuable than the hemp flower.

HMI officials traveled to Frankfort, Kentucky in that summer of 2017 for a meeting with Kentucky Officials and participated in the planned growing of hemp and construction of a processing plant. HMI soon signed a Contract with KRB to help finance and construct the processing plant in Carlisle and officials from HMI traveled to Carlisle County in the early summer of 2018 for the announcement and ground breaking of the Plant.  The contract required HMI to provide the drafting of the design of the plant.  HMI slowly began sending partial drafts of such design and soon enlarged the drawings requiring substantially more funding until HMI provided no funding and it became obvious that they did not intend to design the processing plant or provide any funding.  Obviously, this left KRB surprised but the Company proceeded with plans to soon be harvesting of the 2300 acres.  Some of the required payments were made to the manager of the project and the required payments to the four farmers was attempted by conveying a lucrative sales contract far worth more than was owed.  One of the disappointments of Colonel Taylor was that no hemp stalks were preserved for marketing.  These matters are presently in litigation.

It appears obvious that in HMI’s relationship with KRB was to learn of KRB plans to market a medicinal product in the United States.  Even though HMI presently has no legal relationship with KRB, they are currently showing KRB as one of the subsidiaries of HMI. (See the Screenshot attachment.) What purpose would such a fraudulent relationship accomplish?  The answer is found in a Chinese News publication, a copy of which is attached showing that the relationship was used to sell millions of dollars of new stock.  (Morning Post Outlook attachment).  Their website (See HMI Group-Company  really reveals the gross use of a fraudulent representation to accomplish their monetary purpose in stating, “Kings Royal Biotech Inc (hereinafter referred to as KRB) invested 40 million dollars in the industrial hemp extraction plant in Kentucky.  With full inspection of global hemp extraction technology, the extraction technology of Hansu is accepted by KRB and invites Hansu to have 35% technology share of KRB.”  That is a fraudulent statement and is made fraudulently just to increase the value of their stock in China.  The Chinese news article mentioned above states that shares of the Industry Group shown the Screenshot above “soured as much as 35 percent on Thursday after it issued 312 million new shares.”  By not pursuing support to KRB in Kentucky in 2018, this gave them a year jump on capturing the US market from KRB.  They have built a plant in Las Vegas using HMI funds that were agreed to go to the same plant in Bardwell, Kentucky.  Now they have been granted “the breeding, planting and extraction license by the U.S. government”, which is so stated on their website, previously mentioned.

Colonel Keith Taylor has been slowed down by the actions of the China Company HMI, but he has not been stopped.  He still wants Kentucky to be the hemp market of the United States, not China HMI and associates.  And to that end, his KRB Company with Kentucky partners plan to grow 2500 acres of hemp in the 2019 growing season.  Colonel Taylor is firmly dedicated to providing CBD as a medicinal product to treat maladies of hurting people in Kentucky and throughout the United States.

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