gippro acquired strategic investment by Meilleure Health to develop CBD business globally

Japanese vape brand gippro announced the acquisition of strategic investment by Meilleure Health International (02327.HK) on August 12.

After this financing round, gippro will continue to consolidate its existing business, accelerate product development iteration and sales channel building, and strengthen the vape marketing and promotion ability at home and abroad.


At the same time, the two sides signed a joint venture agreement to jointly establish a Japanese operating company, engaged in research and development of atomization technology for healthy raw materials such as Cannabidiol (CBD), as well as brand operation and sales of related electronic atomization products, thus opening up the global industrial strategic development of the industrial cannabis part.

In recent years, the fever of industrial cannabis has not decreased, and the process of legalization of industrial cannabis has been accelerating all over the world. Cannabinoid will be widely used in medical and consumer fields. Among them, CBD vaping oil is one of the most mature health scenarios for cannabinoid application.

gippro is an electronic cigarette brand founded in Tokyo, Japan. It has mature and advanced experience in electronic atomization technology and electronic consumer equipment and supply chain resources. It has closed 10 million RMB Angel financing round in July 2018.


Meilleure International is an international industrial group listed on the main board of the Hong Kong stock exchange market. Its business covers the fields of healthy life, health care and hemp health.

The joint venture is based on the application of atomization technology. It’s also based on the good prospects of CBD in the Japanese health market and excellent policy environment. Research, development, production and operation of an internationalized electronic atomization equipment brand with cannabinoid with its featured healthy raw material, is another important measure for the global distribution of cannabis by Meilleure Health.

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