Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Juul electronic cigarette fulfills social responsibility with practical actions


With the development of science and technology, the electronic cigarette industry has also been relatively rapid development, various brands of electronic cigarettes emerge in an endless stream, among which Juul is most popular among the public, and Juul labs has become one of the top 10 Unicorn companies in the world in 2019. The greater the ability, the greater the responsibility. When Juul got such achievements, it did not stop at this point. On the basis of continuous research and development of products, it also actively fulfilled its social responsibility – not to sell electronic cigarette products to minors, in order to build a protective barrier for minors.

First of all, the marketing standard of Juul e-cigarettes is defined as marketing activities only for adult smokers. Because the physical development of minors is not perfect, early contact with tobacco will cause various damage to the body organs, and will affect the development and growth of the body, and even seriously endanger life. In front of interests, many illegal businesses are still selling all kinds of traditional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes and other harmful products to young people, without moral bottom line.

On the other hand, in the face of the increasingly severe campus tobacco control, Juul, as an enterprise with a strong sense of social responsibility, is “hard and soft, doing everything” in the campus smoking ban, and introduces the age verification system to curb the illegal sale of electronic cigarettes to minors from the source.

Moreover, it is strictly prohibited for Juul to market those who have quit smoking or non-smokers, to claim that Juul products have been approved by FDA to diagnose, treat, treat or prevent any disease, to use pictures or scenes aimed at young people’s hobbies, to ensure that trial products conform to local laws and regulations, to fully support and strictly implement the local government’s ban on sales for years. The policies and regulations of neglecting people, including strict implementation of age verification before online sales and so on.

All the above prove the determination of Juul electronic cigarettes to fulfill social responsibility and bring a positive impact on society.

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