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Is the Bluetooth Juul C1 worth buying?


Juul C1 with Bluetooth was released on July 29 in the UK for trial sale quietly and was on the shelf in Canada as well.

Up to now on 17th January, there is no release date set in the USA. We doubt that maybe this 45-dollar Juul C1 vaping device doesn’t perform well in UK and Canada so Juul has given up selling it in the USA.

As you can see from the Juul official store in UK, this C1 starter kit is sold at 34.99 euros.

juul c1

After almost half a year, it received a single review. What’s more unfortunate, it’s a 1-star rating out of 5. It makes me sorry seeing this.

If you keep searching, you’ll see that Juul has a reseller in USA named Vapourcore.

juul c1

Its sales look plain as well. Other online stores have worse situations compared to this 2.

We roughly estimate that Juul C1 is not popular.


Is the performance of Juul C1 outstanding?

Juul C1 battery capacity – 244mAh
Juul C1 pod capacity – 0.7ml

It’s a shame seeing these 2 pathetic parameters. Most cartridge-based pod systems in China are already over 400mAh, 1.5ml, which is the lowest standard. Besides, its vapor atomized is small or even tiny according to our experience. When you’re taking a tight and hard draw, be careful swallowing the tiny pod into your stomach. You know, there is no problem with it, that’s all the vapor it can provide. C1’s totally a waste compared to other pod vapes on market.


Is Juul C1 affordable and at a reasonable price?

Since the performance of C1 is not good enough, it’s reasonable to be sold at 10 dollar (or 20 dollars, if you like the Bluetooth and awkward APP). However, it’s sold at 45 bucks still. I’d pay only 10 dollars for those vaping devices with the same battery and same pod capacity, while without Bluetooth or APP.


Are you willing to buy the Bluetooth of Juul C1?

To curb the rising youth vaping in the US, this innocuous UK trial could be its last chance to convince American authorities that its e-cigarettes are safe enough to be sold in the US. Therefore, this Bluetooth is designed for minors, but adults have to pay for this. That’s OK. Adolescents are the future of the world. If you’re noble enough to notice the young’s problem, you should pay for this.

Still wondering how to add Bluetooth to cigarettes.

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It's your choice.Is the Bluetooth Juul C1 worth buying?