Is COVID 19 the American EVALI?

In August 2019, cases of lung injury (EVALI) caused by the use of illicit CBD vapes occurred in the United States. In just six months, novel coronavirus pneumonia broke out in China. Both diseases are more common with respiratory symptoms such as cough and chest pain, so many people think EVALI is the new coronavirus pneumonia. Is this real?

Similar symptoms may also be different diseases. There are two major differences between EVALI and novel coronavirus pneumonia:

1. Etiology test results are different. Data updated by the US Centers for Disease Control on February 20, 2020 showed that tetrahydrocannabinol was detected in the alveolar lavage fluid of patients with EVALI, and no other toxic substances were found. In patients with neo-coronary pneumonia, a new type of coronavirus was detected.

2. One is non-infectious and the other is infectious. Since the emergence of EVALI, there is no evidence to show that EVALI is contagious, but COVID 19 pneumonia is a clear infectious disease.

Although the etiology of EVALI has not yet been clarified, it is too far-fetched to think that EVALI is COVID 19 because of similar symptoms.

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    1. It’s contagious and was transmitted in everything, including paper, cups, phones, towel & masks. Vape clouds are much better & safer than that.

  1. Could have been a trial of serial passages until the virus became contageous. Then the bioterrorists went to China to spread it. Test the goddamn THC vaping oil with vitamin E that was confiscated from the patients for unknown corona virus! (I am the voice of one calling in the wilderness).

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