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How to Choose the Best vape liquid for Outdoor Vaping?


If traveling and vaping are your priorities, why not enjoy both of them together? Just imagine how satisfying it is to enjoy your e-cig as you hike around in Mother Nature’s lap. If you are a travel enthusiast, you must be prepared with your vape liquid to roam around in this season to enjoy the weather and your constant companion.

How to choose the best vape liquid for outdoor vaping purposes? Here are some essential features about a vape liquid to consider that can help you to choose the best device for your traveling purposes:

  1. Select Battery Cautiously

If you plan to travel outside or merely walk around with your vape liquid, you can select a moderate battery. You must also ensure that the quality of the battery is appropriate, lasting for a decent period.

But one needs to be wise in choosing the battery when planning to go for a hike or a long walk outside. If you plan to go for a bike ride or a long drive, you need to choose a higher wattage battery that can run for quite an extended period.

However, if you plan to travel for more than a day, it is better to carry additional batteries for uninterrupted vaping. Make sure to have few pre-charged spares for your vaping pen to avoid any hassles later during traveling.


  1. Get Yourself A Proper Drip Tip Cover

You must take care of your vape liquid if you want to use it for extended periods. These electronic gadgets can succumb to different elements, like dust, oil, and other particles present in the environment while traveling. As a result, the device might lose its activity over time.

To get rid of such hassles, make sure to get appropriate silicone caps, which can correctly cover the drip tips. You can also look for the magnetic covers if you plan to go out in extreme weather frequently.

  1. Opt For An Eco Product

Most of the leading e-cigarette brands make their products eco-friendly. But in case you don’t have one, select an appropriate eco-friendly version before you hit the road. Why? That is because these are powered by batteries that do not require full usage to provide you with the vaping experience. You can use only a little bit of power and still get the appropriate experiences while wandering around in the mountains.

  1. Research About The Products Made For Outdoor 

Another thing to do is look for sturdy, scratch-proof devices and come with extended battery life. It is profitable to invest in a robust variety, which is ideal for your outdoor experience.

Few companies solely produce these products made for traveling purposes. If you are confused about which vape liquid would be appropriate for your journey, refer to the ones wholly made for this purpose only.


  1. The Sturdy Build Is A Must

When you are selecting your travel gear, you always look for the sturdily built devices. Then when you are planning to go hiking or traveling to any other place, you also need to get yourself an appropriate vape liquid with reliable and robust construction.

That is because you never know what kind of weather conditions you would face outdoors. Be prepared to get through the rough environment and select the products that can sustain different climatic conditions and thereby function appropriately for you.

While choosing a vape liquid, do not forget to check the tank as well. The tank is a crucial part of the product that requires proper protection against different elements while traveling.

Also, even if you invest in a silicone one, do not forget to get an appropriate steel casing to minimize the hassles of getting cracks. The next thing would be the mod, which should also be robust. It can be made of rubber material but must be resistant to scratches and rust.

  1. Waterproof And Shockproof

So, if you want to go for an adventurous trip, you must also focus on your traveling gear. Why not choose a waterproof vape liquid for vaping while enjoying your favorite sports?

Although most of the mods available on the market are all quite strong build and waterproof, it would help if you are sure before you start using it for traveling purposes. You do not want to ruin the entire product as you travel around harsh climates.

  1. A Good Grip Is Must

If you are keen on satisfying your hunger for adventurous travel, you must know about the effects of those sweaty hands on your vape liquids. So, it is better to invest in the products that come with an easy to grip design. Such a device provides you with the ultimate grip even if you have sweaty palms.

  1. Consider the Lanyard

Another feature you need to consider would be the kind of adventurous trip you are planning to go for with your vape liquid. Yes, that happens to be an essential criterion for choosing the appropriate e-cigarette model for your travel.

Make sure to invest in a product that offers you to roll the charger and the lanyard into one when you are focusing on hiking or traveling through uneven terrain.

  1. Size Matters a Lot

Lastly, the feature you need to consider would be the size of the device. You do not want to travel with something which isn’t easy to grab or use on the move. Invest in a moderate-sized vape liquid that comes with decent battery life. It should have bold construction and an excellent grip to hang on to it while traveling through adventurous regions.


Tell us which of these features of e-cigarette helped you select your travel companion for your last trip? Share your vaping experiences along with your travel stories in the comment section below.

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