Thursday, June 20, 2024

Discover Foom refillable pods from Indonesia


Foom is a vape company located in Indonesia that sells refillable pods and starter kits.

Foom is a startup with a mission to aid adult smokers to move away from combustible smoking and encourage people to shift to a safer way of consuming nicotine.

Discover Foom refillable pods from Indonesia

Observing from the appearance, Foom device resembles Juul device, which is U disk shape and portable. The difference between them is, its pods are refillable. Refillable design is liked by many experienced vapers. It’s cheap and flexible to add vaper’s own favorite flavors.

Foom cofounder Teguh said, “We are determined to provide the best quality e-cigarette product with unique and hyper-localized flavors. Our main differentiators against competitors are our competitive price point; our refillable pods; and our e-liquid that is produced in-house and locally. We have sold our product in the largest modern retailers in Indonesia, called Alfamart. We extend to the Vape Stores, Circle K and other modern retailers.”

Learn more about Foom here.

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