Thursday, June 20, 2024

FEELM’s Membrane Fogging Technology Won the Global Gold Leaf Authoritative Award


At the 2018 Golden Leaf Awards Ceremony held at the City Hall in London, FEELM’s Membrane Fogging Technology won the global authority award – Golden Leaf Award. As the brand of McQuay’s atomized heating technology, IECIE has become the only Chinese company to receive this honor at the award ceremony due to its strong scientific and technological strength.IECIE

The GLA Golden Leaf Award is hosted by Tobacco Reporter of the United States and recognizes companies and technologies that have made outstanding contributions to the tobacco and vape industry.IECIE

The original English version of the award”Tobacco Reporter”

According to reports, FEELM’s membrane fogging technology is an innovative heating technology that is currently used in closed POD products. This revolutionary technology combines metal film with black ceramic body, and they have made great breakthroughs in materials science and structural science.

The design of the metal film creates an exceptionally wide heated surface that continuously and efficiently atomizes every drop of fumes, resulting soft and pure taste.

The FEELM atomizing core is designed to prevent leakage or dripping of the e-cigarette. Compared to traditional technology, this technology also ensures a fuller taste and a smoother feel, making the atomized steam smoke experience more like traditional smoking.

In the past two years, IECIE Feelm’s performance has been outstanding. It has also been exerted in research and development. According to reports, IECIE has a strong research center and a large manufacturing base, covering research centers, research institutions and technology industrialization centers. The center employs more than 200 scientists working on the development and evaluation of fogging core heating technology. To date, the center has applied for more than 700 technical patents.



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