Friday, April 19, 2024

FDA Raids Juul Vape and Takes Away Thousands of Documents


FDA raids Juul vape and takes away thousands of documents

The technology website TechCrunch confirmed that the US FDA recently investigated the e-cigarette manufacturer Juul and seized thousands of documents from the company’s headquarters.

For this, the FDA said in an interview that the agency conducted an unexpected inspection of the startup’s Juul headquarters last Friday to try to find some documents related to the company’s sales and marketing activities.

An FDA spokesperson said: “The purpose of this inspection is to determine whether all of the company’s operations comply with FDA laws and regulations. Our latest and highly disturbing data on youth smoking has clearly shown that e-cigarettes are causing the nicotine’s popularity with adolescents. We must take action to understand and deal with the use and access of these products by children.”

Just before the raid, the FDA asked the company to provide documentation in April to check Juul’s marketing efforts for the underage market.

For this inspection, Juul stated in a statement that it has been working to prevent minors from using it and hopes to reach out to FDA, parliamentarians and public health advocates to ensure that young people do not use their products.

Juul CEO Kevin Burns also explained in a statement that recent talks with the FDA gave the company an opportunity to provide some information about its business, including documents relating to marketing campaigns, online age verification, youth prevention work, etc.

He also said that this is a constructive and transparent dialogue. Since April, the company has published more than 50,000 pages of documents to the FDA, and the company hopes to help prevent minors from using e-cigarette products and provide advice on developing solutions.

He said: “We believe that in order to limit the access of young people, the industry and regulatory authorities need to work together.”

Last month, the FDA has ordered five e-cigarette companies, including Juul, to submit a plan to resolve minors’ use of their products within 60 days. If these companies did not plan before the deadline, the FDA said it would withdraw its products from the shelves.

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