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EXEEK R vape is launched after 396-days research – Sold at 50 USD with 3 pods


EXEEK R vape is launched on July 1. EXEEK R product design is inspired by the Lamborghini model, R is the first letter of Roadster, meaning sports car. The device design is sleek and stylish, with beautiful lines, small and portable. The aluminum alloy shell is light and durable, and has a comfortable grip feeling. EXEEK R has three kinds of color including black, gray and blue.


EXEEK R is a new brand launched by Shenzhen ECAP Technology Co., Ltd., an established and experienced manufacturer of electronic cigarettes. In order to release the EXEEK e-cigarette, ECAP has been polishing it for five years.



In the “fast” e-cigarette industry, it is generally two to three months to launch a new product, and for a product polished for 5 years, it is very rare in the e-cigarette industry!

Liao Xiangyang, founder and chairman of ECAP said, “Our business purpose is very clear, that is, to make the e-cigarette products with the ultimate experience.”

ECAP office

“I won’t release a product that doesn’t achieve my desired results. It doesn’t matter if I miss some opportunities. If we put the immature products into the market, then we are no different from other brands at that time, and it is against our pursuing the ultimate intention of starting the business.”

Prior to his business, Liao Xiangyang served as a senior executive and professional manager of many listed companies such as TCL and Gome. He has more than 20 years of experience in corporate management and marketing. After a deep understanding of e-cigarettes, he felt it very meaningful and the market prospects are great, so he entered the industry.

At that time in 2014, Icap thought that there was a reason for the bad experience of e-cigarette products, because the technical accumulation of the entire industry was not enough to make a good product. In particular, the atomizing core that has the greatest influence on the atomization effect is still immature. Therefore, Icap decided to first overcome the basic atomization technology to promote the development of e-cigarette brands.

After the CTO Zhang Mingjun joined, Icap officially established the positioning with ceramic atomization as the core. Liao Xiangyang said that Mr. Zhang Mingjun is a top expert in the field of ceramic heating in China and has accumulated more than 10 years of industry experience. Before applying ceramic technology to the field of electronic cigarettes, he has made many achievements in ceramic heating.

“Our mission is to provide ceramic atomization technology as the core and provide consumers with the ultimate experience of healthy atomization products.” Liao Xiangyang said, “After these years of development, we have become the core supply of ceramic atomization solutions in the industry. Speaking of Icap, many people may not know it, but in the industry, when it comes to ‘Sheng Mingyang’, it is estimated that few people don’t know, and ‘Sheng Mingyang’ is a wholly-owned subsidiary of our ceramic core research and development. ”

Beginning in 2018, with the maturity of technology, Icap decided to launch its own brand of e-cigarette products, which is now the EXEEK brand. JD mall flagship store shows that its first e-cigarette EXEEK R is a three pods standard kit, containing classic tobacco, refreshing mint, mung bean smoothie three flavors of pods, priced at 50 USD.

It is understood that EXEEK R uses PREFILM black gold ceramic atomization technology.

Liao Xiangyang said, “This technology we applied for utility models and invention patents in March 2018, which is a third-generation ceramic atomization core product privately. Most of the ceramic atomization cores currently on the market are at 800 °C formed by sintering, and our PREFILM heating element is formed at a high temperature of 1300 ° C. The effect of this difference is higher purity, better reductive, and more pure. The vape juice is heated in a heating element surrounded by a ring. The aromatic smell in the vape juice can be completely released, which brings a delicate flavor and restores the original purity of the e-liquid.”

PREFILM black gold ceramic atomization technology
PREFILM black gold ceramic atomization technology

It is very difficult to develop a new product; it is even more difficult to develop a new product that is “extreme”.

At the beginning of the business, Icap has not many people, but has always insisted on originality. ID, structure, hardware, software, etc. all do it by themselves. In the first three years, Icap invested a lot of time and money to overcome technical problems. Even so, the outlook is still in turmoil, and they don’t know how long this difficult day will last.

“The most difficult time, I once had the opportunity to give up the e-cigarette industry, choose a more advanced, less risky bio-pharmaceutical industry, and have big money blessings. At that time all people advised me to change careers, but in the end I chose to stick to it. “Liao Xiangyang said.

With a single obsession, Liao Xiangyang believes that as long as the right thing is done, even if the previous investment is bigger and the cycle is longer, it doesn’t matter, because the result is good. Moreover, if you can’t do this well, can you do a good job in changing an industry?

Hard work pays off, Icap ceramic atomization core products slowly opened up the market, and years of efforts have achieved staged success. Now, they can finally return to their original dreams and push EXEEK R e-cigarette products to the consumer market.

As the company’s development is gradually on the right track, the Icap team building is also improving. In order to further expand the international market, Icap has invited Mr. Tang Feijiang, who has served as the deputy representative of Huawei’s overseas countries and has 12 years of overseas representative office management experience, as COO.

Earlier this year, Icap announced an option incentive system similar to Huawei’s full employees shareholding. Founder Liao Xiangyang believes that the company has stepped into the present step by step, and other members besides the founding team are equally worthy of recognition. Without the common struggle of everyone, there will be no better future.

“This option incentive system is more radical for the company’s current size and stage of development. But I hope that in this process, let the team pay, get a visible return, and allow every member who works hard to have the opportunity to share the fruits of the company’s development.” Liao Xiangyang said.

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