Friday, June 21, 2024

ELIO heat not burn brand wins patent infringement case against a large international tobacco company


Recently, a well-known multinational tobacco brand sued a well-known brand ELIO for patent infringement case in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. ELIO is a heat-not-burn cigarette brand owned by Shenzhen ELIO Co., Ltd. After ELIO has provided complete patents and related intellectual property certificates, the local court made a final ruling: ELIO products have no alleged infringements, and ELIO and ELIO brands have all the knowledge involved. property.

Since the advent of heat-not-burn tobacco products, overseas tobacco brands with advanced advantages have erected numerous barriers in the protection of technological patents. In recent years, overseas low-temperature tobacco brands have initiated many patent infringement lawsuits against Chinese companies, and few Chinese companies have won.

The winning ELIO heat not burn smoking kit is a smoking kit product launched by ELIO through years of technology accumulation. ELIO series products can not only greatly enhance the user experience and extend the service life of smoking appliances, but also successfully break through the patent barriers of overseas tobacco giants in terms of core technology, and are popular in Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, Europe and other countries and regions. During the trial, ELIO provided complete technology patents and related intellectual property certificates, and the local court immediately made a final judgment that ELIO owns the related technology patents indicted.

Regarding the victory of this patent lawsuit, the head of ELIO R&D said that the victory is expected. After all, in the past two years, this company, which has more than 100 invention patents and innovative products, has successfully broken through the patent blockade of multinational tobacco giants. In addition, it has won many times in intellectual property rights protection.

According to reports, the main technical and management personnel of the ELIO team come from Yale, Northwestern University, Tsinghua University, and the traditional tobacco and consumer fields. The company has established extensive technical cooperation with Tsinghua University, China Tobacco and other units, and has obtained and is applying More than 150 core technology patents, the world’s first automatic smoking evacuator, automatic cleaner, heating paper and cleaning cigarettes, and a number of major technological breakthroughs, for the future of heating non-combustion smoking in the quality, manufacturing process, cost, taste A series of disruptive innovations have been completed in terms of, user experience, etc. Especially in the technology of heating non-combustion smoking appliances, its automatic smoke withdrawal function is one of the important innovations in the field of heating non-combustion smoking.

However, when it comes to patent protection and intellectual property disputes, ELIO has also been plagued by infringement.

In 2018, the company successfully launched the first automatic cleaner in the field of heating non-combustion cigarettes. Compared with users manually cleaning cigarettes, this cleaner is simple and convenient to use. It only takes 10 seconds to complete the cleaning of the heating chamber of the cigarettes, and it can maximize The core components of the smoking set are protected to the limit, and the service life and use experience of the smoking set are greatly improved. Behind the hot sale of products on the market, counterfeiting and infringement have also followed, which has caused a lot of impact on the company. To this end, ELIO actively protects its legitimate rights and interests. With the cooperation and support of the public security and industrial and commercial departments, more than 100 infringing companies have been sanctioned and punished.

It is reported that the new generation cleaner jointly designed and developed by ELIO and Sichuan China Tobacco will be launched in the near future. The head of ELIO R&D stated that in light of past experience, the ELIO legal team is ready to actively assist cooperative companies, market supervision, and public security departments in anti-counterfeiting and rights protection. While ensuring their own rights and interests, they will also create an orderly and stable development. Contribute to the market. He also believes that the new type of tobacco is one of the important trends in the future tobacco consumer market. The industry must face up to and dare to face up to the problem of intellectual property protection, make great efforts in technical research, and continue to innovate more good products and products that can improve user experience. Good service can not be afraid of challenges and gain more initiative in the future competition.

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