Saturday, July 13, 2024

ECAP released PREFILM 4.0 – Ceramic atomization technology has entered the grid era


Shenzhen ECAP Technology Co., Ltd., a powerful manufacturer of electronic cigarette, announced that its black gold ceramic atomizing core has been upgraded to Prefilm 4.0 recently, becoming the first brand in the industry to adopt grid metal coating printing tech.

Ceramic atomization is the most advanced electronic cigarette atomization technology so far, which requires a high level of technology. In the industry, there are only a few manufacturers including ALD and FEELM with the ability of independent research and development of ceramic atomizing core.

“Compared with the single line printing film ceramic atomizing core, the grid film ceramic atomizing core has higher requirements for production technology, and has greater improvement in stability, atomization amount and taste level.” ECAP said.

The advantages of ceramic materials, such as high temperature resistance, uniform heating, clean and safe, have been proved in practical application. At present, there are many electronic cigarettes using ceramic atomizing core on the market.

Prefilm 4.0 black gold ceramic atomizing core is characterized by adopting grid like metal film printing, forming a metal film heating net intersecting vertically and horizontally on the whole heating surface. Each metal film circuit can conduct electricity and generate heat. No matter one or more breakpoints appear, the whole circuit can still work well and its stability is greatly enhanced.

Secondly, because the grid metal film covers the whole heating surface, the atomization area is greatly increased, followed by a greater amount of smoke.

ECAPPLE released PREFILM 4.0

It is understood that the mesh metal film supports personalized customization, which can set the shape and quantity of the metal film as well as the resistance value and calorific value of each circuit separately, forming the atomization range of different temperatures, thus bringing rich atomization taste.

ECAP company said that from the actual experience, using the prefilm 4.0 atomization technology, the same oil, the taste is more mellow and soft, and the levels of pre taste, mid taste and post taste are distinguished significantly.

“After a long time of R & D and testing, at present, the atomization technology of Prefilm 4.0 black gold ceramics has been fully mature, applied for relevant patents, and entered the stage of comprehensive mass production.” ECAP R&D director said.

In a word, ECAP engineers have worked day and night to tackle research and development problems. At the most nervous time, they almost live in the laboratory, there is no concept of off office hours.

Of course, in the field of ceramic core, wisdom and sweat can’t guarantee success. Manufacturers have to have enough capital and hard strength to make products that significantly improve user experience before they can be accepted by the market.

ECAP said, “We are committed to building an open technology platform, providing a complete set of electronic cigarette technology solutions to solve the concerns of brand makers in R & D. We are looking forward to cooperating with the major electronic cigarette brands to promote the sound and healthy development of the electronic cigarette industry.”

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