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DOTMOD DOTAIO review: A path to be an expert vaper- DirtyCheck No.119


During this period of time, the most discussed by players is undoubtedly AIO machine,
And vapers who are accustomed to traditional BBBOX have begun a new round of hands-on.
So today’s protagonist is DOTAIO.
This AIO produced by DOTMOD has actually been around for a while,
Why does it become widely sought after again at such a time?
Now let’s proceed to uncover the myth.


Dotmod brand brief view


Dotmod, Inc. is honored to provide quality vaping hardware and accessories to adults around the world. Dotmod product design, sales, fulfillment and customer service offices are located in San Diego, California.
In dotmod, every product is carefully designed and exhibits excellent performance and style with a beautiful appearance.

DOTAIO parameter

Battery: 18650mAh
Lithium battery output: up to 35W
Output mode: soft, comfortable, standard, powerful
Smoke oil capacity: 2.7mL
Resistance: 0.28Ω-2.5Ω
Refilling: refill on the side, sealed with silicone plug
Air intake: adjustable dual airflow
LED indicator: four-color light ring
Charging port: Typ-C interface
Protection: dry burn protection/short circuit/battery protection/atomization chamber protection
Optional switch dry burn protection
Magnetic removable panel


DOTAIO package content

1×dotAIO device(18650 battery not included)
1×dotAIO 2.7ml atomization chamber (PCTG)
1×air intake adjustment base
1×0.3Ω mesh atomizing core 1×1.6Ω atomizing core (support butyl salt)
1×BVC atomizing core adapter
1×Gold-plated drip nozzle
1×ultem drip nozzle
6×spare rubber ring
1×Typ-C charging cable
1×User Manual


DOTAIO product operation

(Although Petri’s operation is simple, the chip is not a voltage regulator after all, and self-adaptation performance will change)
The power key is set by the adjusted origin key below.
They are lower left, upper right, corresponding to VERY SOFT/SOFT/MEDIUM/STRONG gears.
Because this DOTAIO can expand the atomization core,
Each resistance has a corresponding adaptation value.
This shows the intelligence of its chip.


When the resistance is 0.3~0.5ohm,
The VERY SOFT/SOFT/MEDIUM/STRONG gear corresponds to the output power in
When the resistance is 0.7ohm,
The VERY SOFT/SOFT/MEDIUM/STRONG gear corresponds to the output power in
When the resistance is 1.2ohm,
The VERY SOFT/SOFT/MEDIUM/STRONG gear corresponds to the output power in
When the resistance is 1.2ohm,
The VERY SOFT/SOFT/MEDIUM/STRONG gear corresponds to the output power in

DOTAIO user experience

In terms of operation, DOTAIO is very simple and convenient.
Basically it is the triggering of the power key and the coordination of the gear key.
The atomizing core 0.3ohm is very suitable for vaping 3mg or 0mg fruit e-juice.
The vaping is clear and smooth.
The taste is strong, so I recommend it.
Atomizing core 1.6ohm is suitable for smoking 6mg or 25mg nic salt e-liquid
Friends who are familiar with Captain know that Captain likes dessert flavor,
Hahahaha, it feels very good when it comes out.
The original core of DOTAIO is not good, that is, it costs more atomization core.
Because the battery life itself is not satisfactory,
According to Captain’s experience, after 3 refills, it becomes weak significantly.


DOTAIO extension

Everyone will inevitably have some aesthetic fatigue after experiencing the BBOX voltage regulation.
Therefore, various extension groups began to develop this DOTAIO,
That’s why this DOTAIO suddenly becomes popular.
It also includes some of its own marketing by DOTMOD,
Including the transparent series lined up.


At present, DOTAIO’s gameplay is infinitely close to BBBO,
No matter the material modification on the device, or the 1:1 replica on the cover.


Or the compatible expansion of the coordinated atomization core of other excellent brands
The VAPORESSO GTX atomization core used by Captain himself is compatible with expansion,
It’s very easy to use, and the vaping fee is very compatible with the author’s taste


Captain himself is very fond of this DOTAIO produced by DOTMOD,
The machine produced by DOTMOD has always been known for its exquisite workmanship in the industry,
So in terms of product quality, it’s very outstanding.
While the price is not close to the people, with some hunger marketing method has been applied to this thing.
This is what Captain does not like.
The size of the product is also very suitable for small hands like Captain,
Slightly less bulky than BBBOX, it looks more avant-garde and stylish.
Currently DOTMOD also produces a small size AIO
But due to the issue of battery life, Captain personally did not plan to buy it.
There is no problem with the product itself, while in the field of atomization core,
DOTMOD still needs to work harder.
For third-party or original factory extension accessories,
This is enough to become a “magic machine” for a novice to an advanced vaper and then to an expert vaper.
And with everyone’s hard work, the later gameplay will definitely be countless
Well, AIO is a device strongly recommended by Captain.
Let’s try it together.

Where to buy DOTMOD DOTAIO @$99

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