Current situation of e-cigarettes channels in major countries under the European and American epidemic situation

With the rapid spread novel coronavirus pneumonia, the epidemic in Europe and America is very serious. Under the impact of the epidemic, most cities in Europe and the United States have gradually entered the state of empty cities, and some countries have announced to stop all clustering activities.

Epidemic in Europe and America

Europe and the United States are the main markets for the export of domestic e-cigarettes. The control measures taken by the local government in the epidemic situation, including the channels of e-cigarettes, have a huge impact on the export of domestic e-cigarettes. What is the current situation of e-cigarettes in Europe and America? According to our understanding, we have made statistics on the electronic cigarette channels in some major European and American countries for your reference.


It is understood that rzsmoke, the online sales website of e-cigarettes, is still available for purchase, and convenience stores and gas stations, the main offline sales channels, are still available.


As of March 24 local time, vpz, the UK’s largest retailer, closed all its 155 national stores with warnings from the government and who.

But then, according to Press Association (UK), British regulators worried that covid-19 might pose a health risk to smokers to continue to buy traditional tobacco products, so they allowed the chain of steam electronic cigarettes to continue to operate to meet consumers’ demand for such new products.


Facing novel coronavirus pneumonia, novel coronavirus pneumonia is not optimistic. According to Vapingpost, Edward Philip Philippe Edouard announced the implementation of the new 3 level pneumonia alert in March 14th. All unnecessary shops must be closed, and only hotels, drugstores and tobacco companies are kept. Electronic cigarette merchants’ stores are not included in the list of enterprises authorized to continue to operate. However, they may still deliver orders by delivery or delivery.

But in the amendment to the law, e-cigarette stores are considered “in the public interest” and allowed to reopen as long as they take all necessary precautions to avoid the spread of the coronavirus.


In order to contain the spread of the epidemic, the Italian government has taken some severe measures, such as banning all public gatherings, closing schools, and requiring the closure of most commercial enterprises, including bars and restaurants. Initially, e-cigarette stores were included in the closure list, but now the ban has been lifted.

Dr. Riccardo polosa, a world-renowned scientist in reducing e-cigarettes and tobacco hazards, successfully persuaded the Italian government to avoid closing e-cigarette stores due to the spread of the new coronavirus.

On March 13. the Ministry of health and the Italian prime minister issued a statement saying that in addition to tobacco shops, e-cigarette shops were also allowed to operate.


Similar to Italy, e-cigarette stores are included in the necessities of life and can continue to operate during the outbreak.


On March 23. Doug Ford, the governor of Ontario, Canada, released a list of essential services. The listed industry’s operating points will continue to operate during the outbreak of covid-19. Although the list includes alcohol and marijuana based businesses, e-cigarette stores for adults and manufacturers and distributors of e-cigarette products are not included in the list.

But the Canadian electronic cigarette Association (CVA) urged the government to make electronic cigarette stores open during the outbreak and will continue to encourage online ordering and payment to eliminate cash handling and reduce actual interaction.

Malta(a small country in southern Europe)

Purchase by delivery is allowed.

The epidemic is still breaking out in Europe and America, and the measures taken by the government are also in dynamic adjustment. Statistics of the above channels are only for reference due to their strong timeliness.

Due to the limited understanding, there is something wrong, please leave a message below to correct! Other markets not listed in Europe and the United States, we also hope that the known situation of e-cigarette practitioners in the message below to add. Thank you in advance!

Finally, Sealebia would like to say that the virus is the enemy of all mankind. Only when the world wins, can China’s victory be complete and the export of electronic cigarettes be normalized. Let us wish all countries around the world to overcome the epidemic as soon as possible and wish the world a return to prosperity!

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