Monday, June 17, 2024

Cloudy HK Online Shop Review


When I first click into the Cloudy online shop, it took me 5 minutes by entering, an over stylish design online shop but lose its essence of providing fast shopping service to its customers. In fact, the only thing the customer needs is the product.

After 5 minutes, finally, I entered the shop. Not bad. But when I’m about to click the menu button, unfortunately, the white blank covered the menu. Though I’m experienced in shopping online, this user experience is still unpleasant. It needs improvement.

cloudy shop bug

Then you’ll see the page titled as “Cloudy – We sell art & attitude!” OK, your attitude on the webpage speed and design makes me rather satisfied. Meanwhile, if you have never heard of Cloudy, you’ll think they are a cartoon or a comic company.  This slogan makes me puzzled. This slogan is even not better than a “Cloudy makes your room cloudy.”

To explore more, you’ll find all kinds of products including Vape Set,USA E-juice,Premium ejuice,Vaporizer,Accessories and so on. In fact, most brands like Smok, Pax, Eleaf, Grindhouse are all listed there. Meanwhile, the price is doubled than usual vape shop.  It’s an half drop shipping site though it has local shop in Hong Kong.

In conclusion: If you wish to get the vapes from Cloudy online shop, please be ready to have the bad shopping experience.


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It's an ordinary vape drop shipping site. Cloudy HK Online Shop Review