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The first electronic cigarette industrial park Boton in China is formally established


October 11, 2019, the first electronic cigarette industry park in China was established in Boton Hi-tech Park. It’s approved by Shenzhen Nanshan District Industry and Information Technology Bureau.

At 2:00 p.m., the headquarters of the Bolton Group held a grand licensing ceremony on the Bolton Electronic Cigarette Industrial Park.

Bolton Electronic Cigarette Industrial Park

Mr. Wang Mingfan, chairman of Boton Group, delivered a speech on the unveiling ceremony of Boton Electronic Cigarette Industrial Park. He said that the unveiling of Boton Electronic Cigarette Industrial Park was a recognition of the development of the electronic cigarette industry in government departments, and also a expectation of Boton Group as one of the carriers of the development of electronic cigarette. In the future, Boton Group will continue to rally the strength of the industry to do a good job in building and upgrading the ecological chain of electronic cigarette industry.

Mr. Wang Mingfan also welcomed all e-cigarette enterprises and talents to join Boton E-Cigarette Industrial Park, and proposed that all e-cigarette enterprises should strengthen self-regulation, jointly improve product quality and standards, and safeguard national interests and image before the relevant national standards were formally promulgated.

In the middle is Wang Mingfan, chairman of Boton Group.
In the middle is Wang Mingfan, chairman of Boton Group.

According to statistics, China’s e-cigarette market has reached US$880 million by 2018 and US$1 billion by the end of 2019. As the largest production base of electronic cigarettes in the world, China’s export of electronic cigarettes has accounted for 95% of the world’s total electronic cigarettes. As the strategic core gathering place of domestic electronic cigarette industry in the Pearl River Delta region, Shenzhen has formed a mature electronic cigarette industry chain system with broad prospects.

The Boton electronic cigarette industrial park is located in the Nanshan District Science Park. The park covers an area of more than 80000 square meters and has a floor area of 200000 square meters. It is the largest flavor and fragrance production and R & D base in Asia.

Boton high tech park
Boton high tech park

At present, Boton Science Park has stationed more than 40 electronic cigarette enterprises, including those engaged in self-owned brand, product design, hardware agent, information service, channel sales and other services in the electronic cigarette industry, forming the whole industry chain of electronic cigarette through upstream production, manufacturing and downstream sales channels. The first electronic cigarette chamber of commerce in China was also established here in 2017. It was founded here in 1997.

Boton Group, as the main operator of electronic garette industrial park, was established in 1991 and listed on the Hong Kong main board in 2005. After nearly 30 years of steady development, it has become a modern enterprise group covering four core plates, including flavor and fragrance industry group, bioengineering, electronic cigarette industry and big health industry.

As a leader in the domestic electronic cigarette industry, Boton owns a series of electronic cigarette subsidiaries and electronic cigarette brands, such as Boris, Kimree, Huachang industry, Source Green technology, Lentil, and Chinese business biology, etc., with excellent technology R & D teams and thousands of international PCT and domestic patents in the domestic flavor and fragrance industry, not only in production, but also in product R&D plays a leading role in the industry. It plays a demonstration role in industrial radiation.

Boton high tech park

In particular, in a very short period of time, Boris Co., Ltd. quickly integrated industry resources, focusing on building the world’s first e-cigarette industry service platform, effectively integrating the upstream and downstream industry chain, providing strategic assistance and support for e-cigarette enterprises and e-cigarette entrepreneurs, and accelerating the growth of start-up brands. At present, Boris has formed a complete closed-loop industry, which integrates project consultation, information collecting, technology research and development and brand marketing.

Upholding the principle of providing better consumer experience of electronic cigarettes for smokers, Boris attaches great importance to product quality and corporate integrity. Up to now, it has served more than 30 brands of electronic cigarettes, such as Linx, Wel, Laan, Taki, Kmose, MCK and so on. It has provided a number of excellent products and brands for the electronic cigarette industry, and has become the backbone of the Boton electronic cigarette industry park.

boton e-cig park

In the future, Boton Group will join hands with Boris to give full play to the advantages ofindustrial agglomeration, enterprise concentration, resource integration” of the electronic cigarette industry park, promote the establishment of a team within the industry to carry out professional operation and management, strengthen industrial technological innovation and project introduction, and strive to build the park into an industrial exhibition, enterprise agglomeration, entrepreneurship practice, brand incubation, talent cultivation in the next three years. Innovate and reform the experimental park upgrading the core competitiveness of the e-cigarette industry.

At the same time, it will concentrate on the strength of the electronic cigarette industry, promote the development of the electronic cigarette industry with the concept of environmental protection and health, create the pattern of “China’s electronic cigarette, Shenzhen’s new model”, make the products shine globally, promote the rapid development of Shenzhen’s electronic cigarette industry in an all-round way, and make China’s electronic cigarette make its due contribution to human health!

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