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Relx ∞ infinity pre-filled pod system starter kit 380mAh review



by Martin Smith

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Relx ∞ infinity pre-filled pod system starter kit comes with a portable charging compartment with built-in contact charging, which needs to be aligned with the plug-in cable, just click into the charging compartment, and switch to the charging mode immediately. 

The thickness of the portable charging compartment is 15 mm, the appearance is small and compact, it can be put in the pocket, the capacity is 1500mAh, the battery device can be charged 3-4 times, and it is guaranteed to carry an extra 3 days of power.

It is an accessory that can not only charge the electronic cigarette but also act as a cartridge protection box.

The square box has an ancient symbol ∞ symbolizing infinity.

The Relx ∞ infinity pre-filled pod system starte kit comes with one devices and two pod cartridges produced by vaporesso.

Relx ∞ infinity package box does not come with a split door design adopted by Relx i, and needs to be opened as a whole.

What we got is a black Relx ∞ infinity battery device

The Relx ∞ infinity pre-filled pod kit comes with 2 pod cartridges with mint and mung bean flavors, and a type C charging cable.

The Relx ∞ infinity pre-filled pod cartridges come with a QR code to support authenticity verification.

The battery device has the RELX logo on one side.

There is a breathing lamp on the other side of the battery device.

A flat-shaped cartridge can be inserted into the battery device regardless of its front and back sides.

RELX 4th Generation of ∞ infinity is the leader of Relx in the previous generations. RELX unlimited supports wireless charging, can have long battery life, and is the latest research and development of RELX in terms of EJUICE leakage and taste. The successful results achieved a breakthrough improvement. After 6 rounds of conceptual brainstorming, Relx produced 50 product ideas, systematically tested, analyzed and demonstrated from 13 dimensions, and finally launched the new product REXY Infinite.

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