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How to use hookah shisha


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1. Make sure what the components of the hookah shisha are before use

2. Fill the base or vase with water which covers the downstem with 0.8-1CM, and it should not exceed 2CM from the bottom of the vase.

3. Screw the shaft or downstem into the body

4. Screw the body into the vase

5. Place the round tray on the shaft and fix it

6. Fasten the bowl grommet on the tray, then place the clay bowl on the grommet, and pay attention to the airtightness; do not use too much force when placing the clay bowl, otherwise, it will easily cause cracking

7. Put a hose grommet on the hose connector, connect the wooden end of the hose into the hose grommet, and pay attention to the air seal; if it comes with several hoses, connect the other hoses in order.

8. Put the hookah tobacco in the clay bowl with the needle

9. The tobacco placed in the bowl should be loosened, and the amount of tobacco should not exceed the edge of the bowl (otherwise it will easily stick to the tin foil)

10. Make a small hole in the middle of the tobacco and keep it ventilated

11. Cut a square tin paper and wrap the whole bowl with the tobacco tightly (keep it sealed), and make small holes on the tin paper with a toothpick or a carbon clip

12. Put two pieces of charcoal, lit from the edge of the charcoal

13. Note that the black part of the carbon is not ignited at this time.

14. Cover the wind cover. If you are enjoying the hookah outdoors, the wind cover can prevent the wind from scattering the charcoal dust.

15. Put the disposable mouth tip on the hose and start to try to take a few mouthfuls;

16. Do not start to smoke until the char is completely burned. You can start to inhale and spit out to accelerate the charcoal to burn through, but do not inhale into the lungs.

17. The release valve for those with a single hose is used to prevent gas from entering the hookah. If it comes with several hoses, the valve should be blocked with auto sealing ball bearing.

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