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All New SNOWPLUS Lite Hits Global Markets, Offering Richer User Experience

China-based vapor industry leader, SNOWPLUS, launches SNOWPLUS Lite, an all-new product for active users


Beijing, China – January 16th, 2019 – SNOWPLUS has today announced the launch of the all new vaporizer, the SNOWPLUS Lite, providing an even richer and more satisfying vaporization experience to adults looking for better smoking alternatives at an even more affordable MSRP of $14.99 USD.

SNOWPLUS Lite comes in six bright color options including Classic Black, Misty Grey, Sakura Pink, Purple, Ocean Blue and Green

The all new SNOWPLUS Lite fuses industry-leading technology and intuitive enjoyment, offering users a tar-free vaping experience as an alternative to combustible cigarettes. The body of the device is made from high-strength, light-weight aluminum alloy that utilizes anodic oxidation coating for a super durable build, perfect for the active user. Devices come in six colors including Classic Black, Misty Grey, Sakura Pink, Ocean Blue, Purple and Green.

TrueFeel honeycomb ceramic atomization technology still affords the same great vaporization experience and has been combined with AeroFlow air intake technology to bring users an even smoother sensation. Meanwhile, SNOWPLUS pods are formulated for ultra-low temperature atomization for a combustion-free vaporization experience, while delivering even greater volume per draw. The all new SNOWPLUS Lite is compatible with 17 SNOWPLUS e-liquid pod flavors, including Classic Edition, Smokeless Edition and 0 Nicotine Edition pods.

SNOWPLUS Lite is powered by a 400mAh lithium battery that packs enough energy for a full day’s use on a single charge. A battery light indicator turns on during inhalation when the SNOWPLUS Lite device has over a 10% charge, and blinks when power drops below 10%, reminding users to recharge. The light indicator also illuminates when charging and turns off after the device has fully charged.

All New SNOWPLUS Lite Hits Global Markets, Offering Richer User Experience

The launch of the all new SNOWPLUS Lite follows the release of the first generation SNOWPLUS vaporization device. This rapid product development is a testament to the company’s dedication to responsible innovation aimed at providing adult smokers a better alternative to combustible cigarettes.

SNOWPLUS is resolute in the quest for harm reduction, sparing no effort in ensuring the products strictly adhere to international standards. SNOWPLUS products have passed a number of rigorous, third-part safety tests and are developed in compliance with global product safety standards. These include China’s QB/T 1506-2012 tobacco flavoring standards, the FDA’s 21 CFR 175.300 E and PMA regulations, as well as the CE and RoHS safety certification standards established by the European Union.

Already an established industry leader in China, at present, SNOWPLUS has received USD $40 million in Series A funding from globally renowned investors such as Sequoia Capital and Matrix Partners. Moving forward, the brand is positioned to lead responsible innovation in the field of vaporization technology with its global vision.

The SNOWPLUS Lite retails at an MSRP of $14.99 USD, and can be purchased on the official SNOWPLUS website,



Founded in April 2019, SNOWPLUS is an established leader in China’s vaporization industry, and the fastest-growing vaporization company worldwide. Having already received USD $40 million in Series A funding from world-renowned investors like Sequoia Capital and Matrix Partners, SNOWPLUS is dedicated to its mission of providing less harmful alternatives to combustible cigarettes for adults and revolutionizing vaporization culture. We seek to facilitate positive solutions to the current global health challenges surrounding smoking and empower adult smokers to lead healthier lifestyles. SNOWPLUS is devoted to innovation aimed at providing the richest user experience and has already made industry-leading breakthroughs in vaporization technology, such as the Smokeless Edition and Coffee Edition, as a vapor-based caffeine delivery system.

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