ALD CPU upgraded to three core processor

ALD official pronounce

Following the launch of the atomization technology brand Silmo In March and the first completion of the automatic production layout in June, ALD officially announced in October that it has successfully introduced the world’s top 500 R & D system, the IPD R & D system, to realize the re-upgrading of innovation R & D capability and customer service capability.

So far, ALD “CPU” has been officially upgraded to the “three core processor”  leading the industry.

Introduction schedule of ALD IPD

The preparation for the deployment of IPD system began in October last year. In March this year, the IPD system was officially launched. In May, the commissioning was stable and operated. In July, the preliminary results were achieved. In August, the pilot project was completed and the whole system was promoted by ALD.

With the formal implementation of IPD R & D management system, ALD company has completed the closed-loop construction of “atomization technology (technology brand) + innovation and research system (IPD) + manufacturing upgrading (Automation)” R & D and production innovation, and the Trinity R & D system has become the engine that drives ALD’s steady and rapid development from the inside to the outside.


  1. Leading atomization technology


With R & D as the core driving force, focus on technological innovation and establish a moat.


2. Leading production and manufacturing level

Take the lead in the layout of automatic production to achieve double improvement of product quality and production efficiency.

Leading production and manufacturing level

It has built a high-end manufacturing center with an area of more than 40000 square meters and a monthly production of more than 30 million atomizing devices.


3. Leading in R & D management system

For the first time, the industry has successfully introduced the world’s top 500 R & D system – IPD R & D system. R & D innovation and system escort the development of ALD.

Leading in R & D management system

The successful introduction of IPD R & D system further solidified the market-oriented and customer-centric R & D innovation mode of ALD, greatly improved the product R & D quality and efficiency by more than 30%, and further significantly improved the level and ability of ALD to serve customers.


This time, with the introduction and successful operation of IPD system and the existing atomization technology and automatic production system of ALD, ALD will undoubtedly lead the industry’s new industrial upgrading and lead to a new wave of R & D and innovation in the electronic cigarette industry.

ALD will also unswervingly continue to increase investment in the field of R & D innovation, and continue to work hard to create value for customers. In this process, the idea of “customer-oriented” will become the basic idea throughout the basic research, product development and intelligent production of ALD talents. Through continuous improvement and development of its own research and production management system, we believe that in the near future, ALD will eventually stand at the top of the world.

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