ALD B2 series disposable vape for local filling

With the ban of JUULPOD, disposable vape pen brands such as PUFFBAR  POSH STIG are rapidly admired by consumers. Rich flavors, easy-to-use designs, and low prices have become the biggest advantages of this type of product. At the same time, larger battery lasting and larger E-liquid capacity is also about to become a new consumer trend. With the special economic environment in 2020, users have less cash in their pockets, and more affordable products will be the first choice for users.

PUFFBAR Plus, POSH plus are already run ahead. If you need a product of your own brand to win the upcoming market, you must have a very professional manufacturer. ALD GROUP LIMITED will work with you to achieve a win-win situation.

In order to solve the problem that brands can quickly match the latest e-liquids, the ALD B2 (800 puffs) series has improved the product design so that disposable vape can be easily auto-injected locally. In this way, you can prepare empty equipment in advance to avoid the risk of leakage during the transport and storage., once you want to promote your new e-liquid, you can quickly fill and sell it.


ALD B2 series introduction:


attention b2 is coming b2 ald4.0ml super large prefilled e juice800 puffs all in one design 650 mah powerful batterylatest cotton materialrounded case for oem custom logos disposable vape wholesale


ALD B2 Mini:

ALD B2 series disposable vape for local filling save your moneylatest cotton material gives your better flavorbig vapor with the suitable throat hit


ALD ELF: disposable vape for local fillingbrand it sell itauto draw puffs one off deisign


ALD Introduction

ALD B2 series disposable vape for local filling
ALD B2 is a new tech by ALD. ALD is a gigantic vaping factory with 4,300,000+ sq.ft manufacturing base, 3,000+ skilled workers, 100+ R&D talents, 30,000,000 pcs per month capacity & GMP/ISO9001/ISO1400 SQP/WCA certificates. It welcomes both OEM and ODM orders.

Details on ALD B2: B2 disposable vape introduction.pdf

Details on ALD B2 mini: B2 mini disposable vape introduction.pdf

Details on ALD ELF: ELF Vape Business E-liquid Filling Design.pdf

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