Monday, April 15, 2024

9 features of Kamry X Pod


Following are the 9 features of Kamry’s new product, X Pod

1. Light luxurious 220 degree fine sandblasting oxidation vape body;

2. Lightweight. X-Pod can be smoked hanging at the mouth.

3. The thin crescent-shaped circular-arc suction nozzle, designed to improve the palatability and perfect fit with the mouth when smoking.

4. There are multiple anti-climbing measures on the smoke bomb to completely eliminate oil suction upper mouth.

5. There is a vacuum oil storage design in the cartridge, no negative pressure and no e liquid leakage.

6. The lower intake of the cartridge is designed as a right-angled staggered bend to prevent oil leakage perfectly.

7. Using unique electro-pneumatic separation technology, the air passage of pneumatic switch does not pass through the cores, so the cores are better protected.

8. Exclusive airflow focusing pneumatic switch design, vaping response is faster and easier;

9. Mature and stable ceramic atomization technology. Product stability and consistency is ensured.

Where to buy: click Kamry X Pod

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