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7 Best CBD Softgels and Capsules to Buy In 2k21


Cannabidiol (CBD) is available in many forms, including oils, edibles, capsules, and powder. People use CBD in pill or capsule form because it is a familiar way of taking the supplement and because each dose is predetermined. The pills are easy to ingest and provide more consistent results. Today, many brands are coming up with a set of CBD products providing a wide range of effects. This guide discusses the best CBD soft gels and capsules on the market.


1. CBDPure

CBDPure is one of the top CBD soft gels if you need high-quality full-spectrum CBD at a reasonable price. The company gets its hemp from Colorado that organically produces without using herbicides. Every product goes through third-party testing to make it pure before hitting the market. They are free from any artificial ingredients or additives that could compromise your health.

The CBD soft gels are golden yellow because of CO2 extraction. They are suitable for vegans and come wrapped in a vegetarian casing. Every bottle of CBDPure soft gels contains 30 gel tabs with 25mg of CBD. Experienced users who need higher doses to manage anxiety or sleep issues can use a 25mg capsule.

2. Charlotte’s web

Charlotte’s web full spectrum CBD capsules contain a full range of hemp plant compounds, including terpenes and flavonoids. It is naturally high in CBD, containing all ingredients to help recover from strenuous exercises and manage stress. The brand is one of the most trusted brands as a pioneer in the CBD industry, offering high-quality products.

Their capsules are rich in CBD and low in THC content. They use high-quality hemp sources from Colorado grown with organic practices. The company makes this capsule from vegetable cellulose that makes it suitable for vegans. Each capsule comes in a dosage of 25mg of CBD in different-sized bottles. They have low to mid-potency appealing to both newbies and experienced users. Beginners can find 15mg capsules, while experienced users will need more potency.

3. CBDistillery



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Anyone who has used CBD products is familiar with CBDistillery because of its popularity. The company offers capsules and soft gels in various milligrams cannabinoids with less than 0.3 percent THC. Each capsule has a soft texture different from the traditional pill. CBDistillery full-spectrum capsules have more intense effects on mood and pain. The products have a herbal scent and slightly sweet smell from the outer gelatin capsule.

The 30mg CBD soft gel potencies offer extra strength and relief and can promote personal wellbeing. They have an average onset time between one and two hours, with the effects varying in people. Once used, the capsules will last between 4 and 8 hours, depending on the dosage. The higher dose of 30mg CBD may have a sedative effect.

3. Lazarus naturals 

Purchase these CBD full spectrum capsules for energizing and mood enhancement if you want to try CBD in a convenient form. You can find them in different concentrations of 10, 25, and 50mg to appeal to both beginners and experienced users. The bottle has up to 40 capsules-count available at reasonable prices.

Lazarus uses organic help sourced from Oregon. It provides third-party test results for pesticides to ensure it is pure and doesn’t contain THC. The soft gels are the perfect choice if you need to enjoy CBD and not experience the sluggishness after a dose. The company makes these capsules to boost energy levels and promote relaxation.

4. Nuleaf naturals

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The capsules from Nuleaf naturals are made from full-spectrum CBD extracts to help with pain and stiffness. The products have lab-grade quality with zero pesticides and additives. They are available in 15mg of CBD that is suitable for beginners and experienced users alike. The brand breeds therapeutic hemp sourced from Colorado farms. They are without genetic manipulation and free from all toxins that could compromise your health.

These are some of the best potency capsules made through all-organic processes. Thanks to the CO2 extraction process, the products contain a full complement of cannabinoids and terpenes. The soft gels are perfect for anyone who wants organic hemp CBD in capsule form.

5. Bluebird botanicals

Bluebird botanicals manufacture these concentrated CBD capsules from high-quality hemp to offer the body more energy. The company provides full-spectrum CBD with a complete range of terpenes and cannabinoids. It prioritizes high standards of quality control through third-party lab testing and makes its products without artificial additives.

Bluebird botanicals don’t have THC compounds. The high-quality CBD capsules are available with 15mg of cannabinoids. The capsules are great for anyone who needs flavor-less and gluten-free CBD for pain relief and relaxation. They are also an excellent option if you need a slightly lower dosage and remain active. 

6. Joy Organics CBD capsules



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Purchase Joy Organics if you want premium quality CBD capsules to help with relaxation and sleep. These are CBD products with Just Cannabis Store ingredients sourced from organically grown hemp. Beginners should start low with one tablet of 15mg CBD while experienced users can use higher doses.

The brand produces soft gels that are appropriately easy to ingest. They discreetly deliver a great CBD dosage, making it perfect to use in the workplace. The capsules have no noticeable flavor and a slight hemp smell that is pretty indiscernible. They offer an excellent alternative to more intense THC-infused options.

Bottom line

Taking CBD capsules and soft gels is an excellent introduction to CBD. These pills offer a convenient way to take a daily cannabinoid dose. Each of these CBD capsules presents an excellent value for money and will help manage that anxiety or pain. However, talk to your doctor or physician before using CBD products to determine the correct dosage.


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