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3 Kinds of Fake Vape Juice Manipulations- How Many Dark Secrets Didn’t You Know


It hurts! A skeleton in the closet of three kinds of swindle e-liquid tells you how serious the e-liquid industry scam is.

I wanted to quit smoking, but I changed the vape juice millions of times and still did not quit smoking.

I tried a good taste, but it was like drinking a potion.

Unbearable bad taste

It is pungent, unpleasant, disgusting, changing constantly, and investing money many times…

Have you also been tricked by above swindle vape juice?

fake vape juice

Fake vape toxic makes two children faint

When it comes to e-liquid, I have to mention Shenzhen.

90% of the country’s vape juice is produced in Shenzhen.

Although in terms of e-cigarette equipment, Shenzhen is currently very mature.

But for vape juice, there are only 2-3 years exploration periods in China.

Such a short time

There is no way to outrace the foreign professional vape juice production technology~

Shenzhen Shajing District

This small area is hidden a lot

“Small Vape Juice Workshop”,

Which is specialized in producing all kinds of poor quality vape juice, with simple equipment and simple environment.

fake vape juice

The small place,

But a large quantity of fake e-liquid that threatens the people’s health and have a very bad taste are produced!

After the reshuffle in 2017, is the e-liquid industry is clear and transparent, mature and reliable?

Sorry, there are more you don’t know that the insiders haven’t revealed. Today we come to the truth.

Not slandering anyone, but to focus on the victims

We can’t know without telling everyone! We just want to get more people free from the fake e-juicefake vape juice

Counterfeit Manipulation Trick 1

The new product is just a change of packaging, change the bottle and do not change the anything inside the bottle to continue cheating you.

Now the scam oil is pushed about every 3 months.

Every time, it will attract vapers in new packaging.

With the following characteristics: Full English packaging / cool packaging / introducing new flavors

This is the swindle of the merchant who breaks their conscience, introducing new products constantly, just to cover the bad taste of old products!

Introducing new products constantly and stimulating consumers’ “early taste” mentality, consumers can’t take it anymore.

After 3 months, introduce new product, change taste, change packaging…

Such a bad cycle, do you understand this pattern?

Swindle mode

Poor taste cannot be renewed – then push new packaging taste – consumers taste new products

The new product will be renewed for every 3 months—-continue to introduce new products–consumer hunting psychology continues to taste new products…..

It’s heartbreaking, money is spent, quit smoking without any success, and a lot of strength is put in and wasted.fake vape juice

Counterfeit Manipulation Trick 2

The cost is 3-5 yuan, while the price is a few hundred?

Every time a new product was introduced, I spend hundreds of dollars, winning the hard vaping feeling, disgusting…

Simply give up after 3 months.

In fact, the cost of the 30ml fake e-liquid is really only 3-5 yuan.

3-5 yuan, but sell 100-200?!

Setting such a low price by just a change of the packaging box.

Blending flavors, etc.

This is the essence behind the high price~

After you understand it, you will understand why it is so difficult to vape, pungent, and disgusting.

fake vape juice

Genuine vs. Counterfeit E-liquids – effects and how to identify them (10 simple aspects to look at)

Counterfeit Manipulation Trick 3

Production procedures and processes are not transparent, do you dare to vape?

95% of China’s routine oil is basically produced in Shenzhen Shajing District.

No one knows the production process and environment

I don’t dare to image, in short, the cost is ridiculously low, the materials used are poor, and the quality of raw materials is opaque.

In fact, the production environment can be imagined.

Combination of inferior raw materials

Under the banner of foreign imports

The package does not have to be understandable but looks cool

These are the trick of the swindle oil. Are you in the pit? Are you tricked by the swindle vape juice?

Say no to the fake e-liquid, enabling the consumers to buy a good cost-effective, safe and healthy oil

Get rid of the unpleasant smell and taste, return to the pure taste of nature

Really for the sake of consumers, and say no to fake vape oil together!

Vapers, let’s start the revolution and refuse the counterfeit & fake vape juice.



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The Vape Escape
4 years ago

Great post. Thanks for sharing this kind of fake vape juice manipulations. Very helpful for us.

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