Monday, May 20, 2024

Ziizai vape and Xiron new boundary-crossing cooperation


Vape enterprises usually choose music, cars and movies for cross-field cooperation. People have seen Ziizai electronic cigarettes choose to cooperate with books brand Xiron recently.

Ziizai Electronic Cigarette worked with Xiron Group to launch a cross-border activity of “Swim in Book Sea with Xiron, Free Travel with Ziizai” on the “520” festival on May 20.

As for the reasons for choosing the book brand, it is said that “Selecting good books makes reading a comfortable thing, and knowledge accompanies you forever.” This activity coincides with the fearless and free spirit at liberty of Ziizai vape.

Xiron Group (Beijing Xiron Book Co., Ltd.) is a comprehensive cultural entertainment group, engaged in research and development, production and sales of all kinds of cultural and creative products. It has four major business sectors: Xiron books, Xiron entertainment, Xiron literature, Xiron animation.

This time, the main cooperation of the Xiron book club, published a list of millions of best-selling book writers – Mingyue, Nanpai Sanshu, Feng Tang, Wang Meng, Zhi Yuhe, Dongye Guiwu… Xiron reading not only produces best-selling books, but also pays more attention to the spiritual world of 30 million bookmates.

As to this cooperation, the person in charge said that cross-border marketing with well-known brands such as Xiron and constantly building momentum on-line and off-line is very important to improve the brand awareness and reputation of Ziizai in China and occupy the mind of customers in the vape industry.

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