Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Japanese Vape Brand Ziizai Entering China


The vape brand “Ziizai” under Japan Jizai Corporation officially announced its entry into the Chinese market on April 24.

With the continuous attention of Chinese capital and entrepreneurs to the vape technology field, the vape industry is rapidly upgrading, “The international market continues to be optimistic about China’s vape market, especially the vape technology is a new blue ocean of consumption,” said the relevant person in charge of the Ziizai vape company in China.

With the increasing health awareness of Chinese consumers, the real market opportunity of e-cigarette consumer market is not to quit smoking and replace smoking, but to become a scenario consumer market of vape products.

Ziizai will focus on four scenarios: 1. Social scene with young people as the main use; 2. White-collar home travel inconvenient smoking scenario; 3. Substitution scenario for traditional tobacco smokers; 4. Creating IP phenomenon products through cross-border marketing around Ziizai electronic cigarettes.

ziizai vape

In the opinion of Ziizai, the domestic e-cigarette market has not developed as fast as the European and American countries, but it has great potential. With the rapid development of the global electronic cigarette market, it has formulated the internationalization market strategy and set up the internationalization team.

According to the announcement, Ziizai products have entered many countries and regions, including Japan, Mainland China, Malaysia, Hong Kong and so on. In terms of new online retailing, Ziizai is actively innovating and trying. At present, its offline channels have entered many domestic chain convenience stores including Good neighbors, with nearly 500 stores accumulating.

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