Friday, June 21, 2024

New brand Wintel’s logo design is released


The logo of Wintel electronic cigarette brand owned by Guangdong Kirin Technology Development Co., Ltd., was launched by the famous international designer from HERMES Hermes/CD.

WINTEL Intelligent Logo originated from “curling light smoke”. Designers cross-use sharp and soft lines to express the connotation of victory and wisdom, with a sense of technology and modernity, and explain the brand mission of “using leading technology to improve smokers’health and create a better life”.

It is understood that WINTEL was born in 2018, focusing on the intensive cultivation of related industrial supply chains of vape, providing design, R&D and manufacturing services for brands and channels, innovating technology level, and its goal is to become the next generation of technology leaders in the industry. At the same time, they provide customers with brand service.


The birth of WINTEL has filled the blanks vape. It does not change smokers’ habit of smoking. The plant extract essence e-liquid satisfies the needs of tobacco addiction. The vapers can feel the pleasure of traditional cigarette smoking and unknowingly get rid of the addiction to cigarettes.


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