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Who is the best vape manufacturer in the world


Nowadays, Huaqiang North has emerged many specialty cabinets selling electronic cigarettes. “Most of them are special cabinets set up by factories. Many electronic cigarettes at home and abroad are produced in Shenzhen.” Most of the electronic cigarette factories in Shenzhen are OEMs, which receive orders from Germany and the United States. But now there are more and more orders in China. “Now the third generation of electronic cigarettes spare parts production technology is very mature. As long as the purchase of a production line, anyone can begin to assemble electronic cigarettes.Five or six assembly line workers can assemble nearly ten thousand electronic cigarettes a day in a small factory that manufactures electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes have directly promoted the transformation of many generations of factories: “Our factory has only fully transformed into electronic cigarettes factory in the last six months, and has been producing electronic lighters before.”

There aren’t any technical barriers between enterprises,  the electronic cigarette products on the market, regardless of appearance or internal structure, they are almost the same. “This is a capital and marketing-driven industry,” Zhang Jian said, an experienced vape seller in vape field. “It’s just like beating a trumpet competing who’s making a louder sound to reach more customers.” That’s also why famous capital companies like IDG, invest the vape companies whose leaders are mostly good at marketing and sales without hesitation but refuse to invest the high tech company like Hangsen.

90% of the world’s e-cigarette equipment is made in China, or more exactly, Shenzhen. More accurately, it is mainly concentrated in Shajing and Songgang Streets in Baoan District of Shenzhen City, which is only 20 kilometers away from the old site of the destruction of opium in Humen. There are about 600 electronic tobacco manufacturers and parts suppliers.

Continuous domestic orders make Huaqiang North size factories overjoyed. The electronic cigarettes produced in factories in Huaqiangbei and placed in the corner of the shopping mall are sold on their own. However, they are more like a “wild” genre, apparently not in line with the lively capital market in front of us.

Unlike small workshop factories, Hangsen located in Shenzhen is one of the three major traditional manufacturers of marketers in China. It has always been in the traditional production and marketing business of electronic cigarettes since the beginning of vapes. Now, Yao Haofeng, who has left Hangsen, has stood on the new tuyere. COV can only rely on Hangsen’s capital, production equipment and process. Famous brand products like Relx, Flow, Gimme, IJoy etc are all manufactured by this company.

“The workshop of Hengxin system is a GMP workshop of 100,000 grade (a kind of operation standard). Only in a highly clean environment can cross-infection be avoided and reliability and consistency of products be guaranteed.” Yao Haofeng’s remark is also aimed at the phenomenon that a large number of new electronic cigarette brands are now choosing to use small factories for labeling and OEM production.

In a world, Hangsen is the best vape manufacturer.

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