Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Wang Sicong Went to the Beijing E-cigarette Show


Wang Sicong really went to the Beijing E-cigarette Show!

This morning, the news of Wang Sicong’s low-profile visit to the Beijing E-cigarette Show began to spread in the industry! Seeing the photo of people wearing a mask, I began to think it was a fake. I mistook other people who are very similar to Wang Sicong to think that it is Wang Sicong!


When confirming with the e-cigarette practitioners at the scene, the other party said: This is true, he really went to the Beijing E-cigarette Show! He didn’t wear a mask when he started to come in. Many people recognized it later and started wearing masks.Wang Sicong vape show

And said that he visited a few e-cigarette booths. Some exhibitors recognized him and came forward to introduce e-cigarettes. After listening to the introduction, Wang Sicong experienced the e-cigarette and purchased a set.

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