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VUSE Exhibits Vapes of 1500 Puffs in Malaysia


VUSE, a vape brand under BAT, comes as an exhibitor at Mivas Vape Show in Malaysia with its 1500 puffs products.

Aug.12, Selangor – The Mivas Vape Show opens today in Selangor, Malaysia. VUSE, the household vape brand under BAT,  comes as an exhibitor here with its 1500 puffs products.

VUSE Exhibits Vapes of 1500 Puffs in Malaysia

According to 2FIRSTS’s local market research, VUSE has been marketing in the Malaysian market in a low-profile manner, only selling its 1500-puff disposables on shelves of a few convenience stores, while in vape shops, the landscape is occupied by local disposable brands with 6000 or more puff counts. Regarding this, a VUSE staff says that VUSE is adopting smaller puff counts to stimulate customers to re-buy their products, “so that they can try out all our flavors”.

VUSE Exhibits Vapes of 1500 Puffs in Malaysia
VUSE products (on the left shelf) in a local convenience store | 2FIRSTS

Stay tuned for more information about the show.

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