Thursday, June 20, 2024

VPZ, the UK’s largest e-cigarette retailer, opened its first


Vpz, Britain’s largest e-cigarette retailer, plans to open a new “e-cigarette clinic” to help more smokers quit smoking by using e-cigarettes, vapingpost reported.

Vpz said that the “e-cigarette clinic” concept is a means to meet the demand for smoking cessation services limited by the impact of the ongoing cowid-19 pandemic.

The company also pointed out that due to the limited operation of e-cigarette retailers during the pandemic blockade, the use of e-cigarettes by thousands of people was restricted.

Now, the cowid-19 pandemic is beginning to ease in most parts of Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States. Vpz now also sees this as the time to introduce the concept, which is said to provide a nationwide network of “quit coaching” across the UK retail footprint.

Vpz said the new model will help further improve customer service and provide expert advice to customer groups.

Doug mutter, head of the vpz, said the effort was crucial to the fight against cigarettes, America’s number one killer.

“We are very pleased to be able to launch the concept of e-cigarette clinic in the context of strong demand and recognize the need to improve the service level after reopening,” mut said. Through the covid-19 and local government cuts, the National Health Service (NHS) smoking cessation service in the UK has been greatly reduced, which is devastating to the country’s efforts to reduce smoking rates. “

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