Thursday, June 20, 2024

Vapefly TGO POD MOD (Fingerprint unlocking) to be reviewed


We got a Vapefly TGO POD MOD today. And it takes the use of fingerprints to unlock the device. This feature is very unique & promising in the vape industry.

Vapefly TGO POD MOD - Touch & Go

Nowadays state regulations on vapes are mainly targeted at minors protection. With the fingerprint unlock function of Vapefly TGO POD MOD, minors won’t have any chance to get access to vaping. Touch & Go to keep adolescents away. Nice & caring design.

Besides, it will keep other vapers from using your vape secretly. More hygienic during the COVID 19 special time.

Vapefly TGO POD MOD - Touch & Go

Now let’s take a brief look at Vapefly TGO POD MOD in the following video:

Where to buy Vapefly TGO POD MOD

PS: The author is not professional taking photos and run out of vape juice. As to more details and vaping experience, we have invited the mod expert and photographer Captain Dirty, we’ll post more about Vapefly TGO POD MOD very soon.

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