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Vape to quit smoking to be more healthy


These points outlined below are very vital and essential as regards the Vape industry and are often termed “Common sense”

There’s almost no doubt that vaping exposes you to fewer toxic chemicals, than traditional cigarettes. It’s common sense now worldwide.

Common cigarettes contain 7,000 chemicals, many of which are toxic. And it keeps killing six million people per year, while the smoking rate is still rising in many areas of the world.

If all smokers turn from cigarettes to vaping products, including box mods, pod kits, starter kits, at least 3 million innocent smokers could be saved. That’s a huge number that might likely include you and me, which is significant.

Many smokers tend to count themselves lucky, and say the smoking correlated deaths won’t happen among them. And they also proved that their grandfather had smoked for his whole life and lived up to 90 years.

However, the number won’t lie. Since some deaths related to smoking are not revealed by the government, this death number could only be much bigger than we see.


A vaper’s story

A vaper told the author, that he had smoked for over 10 years, and felt the solid harm of cigarettes everyday. It’s even more severe when he chain smoked 2 or 3 cigarettes. He felt the burn in his lung everytime, and the discomfort accompanied with the pain striking around the heart, tortured him constantly. What’s worse, the coughing induced by smoking choking made him look like a coronavirus patient.

He was a big fan of cigarettes though he knew the harm. He used to leave alone all the negative comments on cigarettes, but his real experience speaks for itself.

In a music festival, he received a free pod vape from a vape brand coincidentally. Then everything changed, He started vaping from a 5% closed cartridge. And he found out that cigarettes are not a must for him anymore. The bad smell of tobacco, and the stink of cigarettes in his mouth also vanished. What’s more, he also found the pain in his body, especially around his lung & heart, is gone.

The magic gadget saved him. He was likely going to be among the six million deaths caused by cigarettes. Now he’s out of the cigarette’s death list.

Vapers do know which tobacco product is better. They smoke, they vape, then they compare the two, and draw the conclusion themselves. They need not to be taught by others. The only thing they know is that, they run without too much panting anymore, they go upstairs without too much sweat anymore, they roll in the deep without too much worry anymore, and they’re free from the burn & pain in their lung & heart caused by smoking


That’s also why, president Trump said I should never have done that f-cking vaping thing“. Trump administration tried to ban flavored vapes. However, during an Oval Office call on speakerphone, the president expressed regret for getting personally involved in the issue. Under pressure from industries, groups and his own supporters, some of whom threatened not to vote for him if he went through with a complete ban. We see vapers benefiting from vapes, and standing out for their own rights, for better health, not played by the government anymore.

Moreover, according to the latest study in 2020 of the UK government, smoking among adults in England, has continued to decline over the past 10 years, and in 2019 was around 15%. Most adults now use vaping products to help them quit smoking, which is bad news to traditional cigarette industry. And when a vaping product is used in a quit attempt, either alone or with licensed medication, success rates are comparable to licensed medication alone.



Quit smoking by vaping, it’s feasible and practicable. It will help you to improve your health conditions. Besides, vaping is not complicated and hard, take one and start vaping [eafl id=”15090″ name=”” text=”here”].

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