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Vape has become the best-emerging industry with the greatest potential after Pokémon Go in Japan


Japan has followed the example of the United Kingdom to include electronic cigarettes in the management of pharmaceutical products. Since 2010, it has completely banned the use of electronic cigarettes containing nicotine, that is, electronic cigarettes can be legally sold and used in Japan, but the sale of e-liquids containing nicotine is illegal.

Jouz S debuts in Tokyo, Japan

Nevertheless, the development of e-cigarettes in Japan is hardly affected by too much policy. The overall development of e-cigarettes is more and more mature, and people in Japan are more and more welcome to e-cigarettes. According to the national data of Japan, the output value of electronic cigarettes in Japan in 2016 is 250 billion yen, and the official estimate is that it will reach its peak in 2024. The total output value is expected to reach 5 trillion yen, mainly due to several aspects:

1. E-cigarette users continue to nibble at the market share of cigarettes. In just one year from 2016 to 2017, the number of Japanese smokers decreased by two percentage points.

2. Influenced by the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, Japan has launched a nationwide campaign to ban smoking, with fewer and fewer places to smoke.

3. A series of reasons, such as health concept, environmental concept and cigarette tax increase.

japan vape industry

With the rapid growth of Japanese electronic cigarette (Pod vapes, heat not burn tobacco products) market, vape market penetration is increasing, and the number of users is rising, becoming the most latent emerging industry after the Pokémon Go. For vape enterprises like jouz, this will be a very huge and precious market, it is worth seizing the opportunity to intensify intensive cultivation and develope.

It is reported that the only international electronic tobacco exposition in Japan in 2019 will be held in Pavilion 4 of Tokyo Chiba Museum International Exhibition Center from May 23 to 25. It is expected that 180 exhibitors from 25 countries and regions will participate in the exhibition. Nearly 4,500 wholesalers, duty-free shops and grocery retail channels, online stores and vape industry media will gather at the event. Vape Expo Japan 2019 will build a bridge for global VAPE manufacturers to communicate with Japanese VAPE distributors and physical stores, and work together to tap the potential of this growing market.

Vape Expo Japan 2019

According to the organizers, many world-renowned VAPE manufacturers have signed up for Vape Expo Japan, such as Smok, Joyetech, Eleaf, Hiliq, Kamry, Mlife, Vaptio, MOX, Yunnan Tobacco, Huabao Group, Jinjia Group, and so on. There still are many more other participants not listed here.

Vape Expo Japan 2019 participants

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6 days ago

Every time I see the rankings without Smoant and Antbar, I go crazy.

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