Thursday, June 20, 2024

Vape Expo Japan 2019 by CECMOL is held successfully – A lot more visitors than expectation


The 2nd Vape Expo Japan in 2019 started successfully.

Initiated data show that the exhibition attracted over 8000 thousands of buyers and exhibitors from dozens of countries. And it is easy to see from the lively scene that the rapid development of e-cigarettes has shown up in all parts of the world, while in Japan, we can also feel their distinctive smoking culture.

2019 Vape Expo Japan preview

The first day of CECMOL International Vape EXPO in Japan is Thursday. The holder on the spot thought that the visitors would not be many on Thursday. However, the lively atmosphere on the spot brought people a complete surprise.

The 2nd Vape Expo Japan in 2019

Vaper in Japan is very enthusiastic about our CECMOL vape show!

CECMOL found that vapers and sellers in Japan have different persistence and carefulness from vapers in other countries. Their demand for e-cigarettes is not only reflected in a single direction of health or sensation, but they are more willing to compare detailed data and use experience together.

Exhibitors also expressed their high recognition of the quality of visitors to the CECMOL Vape Expo Japan. Exhibitor saided that many users put forward very technical advice and suggestions to manufacturers from the practical point of view during the exhibition, which also help to build the perspective of self-renewal of vape products.

Vape Expo Japan 2019

CECMOL Vape Expo Japan in 2019 has made a good start with the support of all exhibitors and audiences. Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, CECMOL will also bring you the latest graphic information of the exhibition at the first time. At the same time, the third CECMOL Global Vape Expo, which will be launched by CECMOL in March 2020, which has begun to register in new exhibitiors. For more information, please contact CECMOL directly on their official site.

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