Vape Brand Vaporesso on Going Through the PMTA Process

As per the Family Smoking Prevention & Tobacco Control Act, back in 2016 the FDA had announced that all tobacco products would need to apply for and obtain a PreMarket Tobacco Application Authorization (PMTA) in order to stay on the US market.

In these past years, the deadline for this application has been moved back and forth a number of times, until on April 3rd 2020, Judge Paul Grimm of the United States District Court for the District of Maryland, moved the deadline to September 9th, 2020.

According to the Tobacco Act, all tobacco products need to be authorized for every aspect including adjustments in packaging, manufacturing processes, and product design. This makes obtaining the authorization very costly and time-consuming leading many smaller vape businesses into bankruptcy or insurmountable debts.

Vaporesso has already obtained the PMTAs for some of its products

Vaporesso submitted several PMTAs, for a product within each sub-category, starting the process back in 2016 as soon as the requirement was announced.

In an interview about the process, Vaporesso’s Eve wang said that the company submitted several PMTAs for a product within each sub-category, starting the process back in 2016 as soon as the requirement was announced.

She explained that there are no guidances that differentiate between one product category and another, just one guidance and process for all the different categories. Given Vaporesso’s diverse range of products and all the different variables within these, this was challenging for the brand. To this effect, Vaporesso worked alongside a number of scientists to ensure compliance.

Wang pointed out that because they had been proactive in sending applications, they have obtained PMTAs for some of their products back in August, well ahead of the submission deadline.

Vaporesso strives to be complaint at every stage

Vaporesso and Smoore welcome regulations because they help validate their products.

The vice president referred to the brand’s values: innovation, quality and commitment, pointing out that with these always in mind, the company always strives to be compliant and have each manufactruing process validated. She added that with more and more markets becoming regulated, moving forward will become easier.

Vaporesso’s Mother company, Smoore, has invested heavily in research, for example with regards to the most effective heating elements and mechanisms. Vaporesso takes advantage of this by referring to and applying this research.

When asked whether they believed that the PMTA process is necessary, Wang said that dwelling on its effectiveness does not change the fact that it is there, and that the company adopts an “it is what it is” approach. She said that ultimately at Vaporesso and Smoore, regulations are welcome because they help validate their products.

Considering the PMTA cost a necessary investment

When asked whether the costly PMTA process will result in increased prices on their products, Wang said that despite the fact that the PMTA may finally cost them millions, these expenses will be considered a necessary investment. To this effect, she said, the company will be working hard to increase production and decrease costs internally, in order to make up for the PMTA cost without being forced to increase prices.

Wang pointed out that so far Vaporsesso has only filed applications for refillable devices, so they plan to partner with many e-liquid makers in the US, who have submitted PMTAs for their e-liquids.

Vaporesso’s sister company obtains AEO Advanced Certification

Meanwhile, a sister company of Vaporesso, Shenzhen Smoore Technology Ltd., which specializes in the production of atomized products and manufactures parts for Vaporesso, has just obtained the prestigious AEO Advanced Certification, making it easier to obtain customs clearance, and therefore trade globally.

FEELM’s and Vaporesso’s Parent Company SMOORE Listed on HK Stock Market

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