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US Vaping Fears, Vaper EXPO 2022, Dodgy Disposables + More Vape News!


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Sad United State Of Affairs…

Clive Bates recently published an article with his interpretation of the findings of the US National Cancer Institute HINTS survey covering 2014, 2017 and 2020 and the findings are scary…

Looking at the data it appears that more Americans incorrectly believe that E-cigarettes are just as or more harmful than cigarettes – which is unbelievable.

We all know there are various campaigns related to knocking vaping and trying to preserve the market for Big Tobacco but I didn’t realise the impact was this big.

One of the tables is shown below and I am really shocked at the findings.

Comparison of US opinion of vaping V smoking
Comparison of US opinion of vaping V smoking

You can read the full article which also delves into why these attitudes seem to be occurring – Clive Bates – E-Cigarette Risk Perceptions – An American Crime Scene.

Vaper Expo 2022

After 2 years of cancellations due to the pandemic it appears the Vaper Expo will be back.

The dates are 27th, 28th and 29th May 2022 and it will be held at the Birmingham NEC.

For more info and booking their website is here – Vaper Expo 2022Vaper Expo 2022 Poster

Dodgy Disposables

Yep sadly the Dodgy Disposable market has been making headlines again.

disp vapes the sun
The Sun – Illegal Disposable Vapes Headline

There really is no need for all this panic as a lot of disposables are perfectly fine – made by a large reputable vaping brand and are compliant with the TPD laws.

However recent raids on stores by Trading standards are finding counterfeit devices, plus illegally imported devices which do not comply with the TPD regulations.

Just to try and keep people safe if you are buying or selling disposable vapes make sure they are compliant with the following points…

  • Maximum 2ml capacity
  • Maximum 20mg (2%) nicotine strength
  • Check authenticity using the manufacturers website
  • Must have the correct Nicotine Health Warning
  • Ingredient list
  • Batch Number
  • Include instructions for use

A lot of vapers are rightly wary of disposable vapes as some of them are really really ropey – with no indication of what ingredients are inside, whether they use regulated ingredients or even toxic components, battery safety and general contaminate issues.

Plus headlines like this give a negative impression of our well-regulated safe vape market in the UK and it is very sad.

So sellers and buyers really need to be aware and avoid some of the obviously dodgy ones with knock off cartoon characters and unusual low prices too.

For further information some guides have been produced:

UKVIA – Compliance Guidelines for Disposable Vapes.

UK Gov – E-cigarettes Regulations.

Dave Navarro

US famous type Dave Navarro (known for being a guitarist in Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Jane’s Addiction) was interviewed in a video from 2015 (but has only just gone viral) by some Berk trying to make out vapes are pointless.

If you have a gander at the video below Dave really gets the point across well about how vaping saved his life and got him to finally quit smoking!

High five to that man – watch the video below!

Other Famous Vape Advocates…

I can’t claim much credit for this as I just did a Google search for vaping celebs but it is so nice to see so many who are on the side of Tobacco Harm Reduction and show it in their own actions!

Famous vapers include…

A huge mention for Professor Green too who actually created his own line of e-liquids – Unruly eLiquid and is a massive spokesperson for the vaping community!

Any more to add? Let us know in the comments below!

UK Gov Landmark Reviews For 2022

Apparently the UK Government in its “Levelling up” frame of mind has commissioned two new reviews for 2022…

  • Ethnic Inequalities for Medical Devices – led by Dame Margaret Whitehead (Professor of Public Health – University of Liverpool)
  • Review into Tobacco Control – led by Javed Khan OBE (former CEO of Barnardo’s).

Obviously both reviews are important but being a vaping site the Tobacco Control one is of particular interest.gov levelling up

The Government are exploring ways to help us all live longer healthier lives and one of the targets is to make Britain “Smoke Free” by 2030.

So far the UK Government have struck a great balance between regulation whilst still allowing and encouraging people to vape rather than smoke and hopefully this review will lead them to pursue a similar view in the future.

Apparently there are around 6 million tobacco smokers in the UK and the review is to collect independent evidence based advice to tackle how to move forward with the Smoke Free goal.

So keep an eye out in April 2022 when hopefully the findings of this review will be published. Fingers, Paws and Eyes crossed here for a sensible solution!

More details here on the GOV.UK website – Government Launches Landmark Reviews.

Smoking In England…

Smoking In England is a website which collects major findings from national data and makes it accessible to the public and those who make decisions.

Anyway the most recent finding is the “Trends in electronic cigarette use in England” paper which was updated on 24th January 2022.smoking in england results

Some of the results show that the number of people vaping has stayed relatively stable since late 2013, JUUL and heated tobacco are rarely used and the take up of vaping for smokers and recent ex-smokers has plateaued.

This is only a summary of a great source of info – plenty of tables and statistics covering all the vaping data are included. Pop over to the Smoking In England website to view it in more detail.

Thank You For Reading!

Please let us know your thoughts on these recent news items and any others you have seen on your own travels!

I will be back with more news next Friday – as long I have managed to get through the sackfulls of Valentines cards I have received… yeah right!

Have a great week everyone!

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