UK Vape Ban Plan? The Truth Behind the Media Stories

I’ll say it now – there will be NO UK vape ban despite what the tabloids are splashing this sunny Sunday morning.

If there ever is, and I haven’t shuffled off this mortal coil before it’s implemented, I shall dance naked waving a WHO flag outside the Houses of Parliament whilst puffing away on a JUUL…that’s how confident I am…

uk vape ban

More worrying than any possible UK vape ban one might say…and one would be right!

OK, the ‘shock‘ news splashed over a couple of newspapers with a reputation for shall we say ‘sexing-up‘ stories might worry a few of you. Those of us who are wise to the ways of the media will simply read – smile – shake our heads and move on.

What made me a little angry is these ‘stories‘ come just a couple of days after the incredible vote of confidence into e-cigarettes and all things vape from the Public Health England report on the positives surrounding vaping on these shores.

In that incredibly detailed study, PHE pointed out that very many smokers were put off from making the healthier switch to e-cigs, by sensationalist scare stories surrounding vaping – and here we are with the media doing exactly that!

Quite remarkable when you think about it and to be filed under ‘ coincidental shit you couldn’t make up…’

UK Vape Ban – the WHO DOES NOT Set Legislation

For a start the World Health Organization DOES NOT set any country’s laws – no matter how high and mighty or relevant in today’s world it might think it is.

The WHO’s role is to monitor global health and act almost as an advisory body to world governments.

who uk vape ban

By that I mean as an organization [an arm of the UN BTW] the myriad of various groups, departments and committees decide on a ‘health policy‘ and suggest that is how governments should react/act….it is up to the individual government to follow the advice – or not.

Truth be told, a quick Google will show that apart from maybe the Ebola outbreaks, you can count the WHO’s successes on one hand…or maybe not…

Now here’s a quick aside, not a lot of people know this, but one of the most successful treatments for Ebola derives from the tobacco plant…as in nicotine…how that must rankle!

Anyway…as usual I’m digressing away from the main theme – is there a UK vape ban looming?

UK Vape Ban – Follow the Money!

OK, as we can see, the WHO DOES NOT have any power in forcing laws into a country – not even any that may affect the health of a nation….

The WHO is funded in part by government subscription – but, and here’s a BIG but, it is also funded heavily by Big Pharma and individual contributions from billionaires like…yeah you guessed it…anti-vaping czar and media mogul, Michael Bloomberg.

bloomberg uk vape ban
via: Bloomberg 2020

Little Mike ‘moneybags‘ Bloomberg has his fingers in so many anti-vaping groups and organizations it’s almost – OK has – become an obsession…answers in the comments below as to why that might be 😉

Bloomberg also ‘sponsored‘ the recent and completely biased BS that was the World Health Organization’s 2019 Global Tobacco Report.

That ‘study‘ deemed e-cigarettes were not proven to help smokers quit and pumped the WHO policy of gums, patches sprays and of course those suicidal stop smoking drugs

When you scratch the surface, even gently, it’s all so blatant it’s becoming a joke…sadly many governments depend on funding from the WHO for some of its health programmes – or shut up and take the money

As to the extremely close financial ties between Big Pharma and the WHO, the organization’s latest ‘stop smoking‘ campaign avoided any mention of e-cigarettes and instead took the back-hander [sorry donation] from none other than Johnson and Johnson – yeah, the makers of the Nicorette patches – gums and sprays.

Quelle surprise – the PHE e-cigarette study launched just days ago pointed out that e-cigarettes were not only 95% + safer than smoking, but smokers switching to e-cigarettes were far more successful in their quit attempts.

Ouch! And a double ouch given Bloomberg was recently ‘voted‘ in for a 3rd term as the WHO Global Ambassador for Noncommunicable Diseases and Injuries…which includes cancer – in particular the cancers contracted from lit tobacco…

Triple ouch when you think how much cash Big Pharma stands to lose as their pretty much useless products gather dust on chemist shelves across the world as e-cigarettes get a foothold.

You don’t even have to peel off the veneer a tiny bit to see how incestuous and money led the WHO really is…

I mean these folks don’t stay in Travel Lodge and eat takeaways on their world wide junkets…it’s 5 star all the way with these pigs at the bottomless health trough…

UK Vape Ban – Why the Media Stories?

As to where this sudden UK vape ban nonsense stems from, it first popped up on my radar earlier this year whilst glancing through the upcoming WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, Conference of the Parties…bit of a mouthful.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this will now probably be a zoom style affair hosted in the Hague, Netherlands, in December this year.

WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, Conference of the Parties

As part of its discussions, there will be talk about so called open system vape products…in other words, tanks/pods you can refill and yeah even drippers.

The WHO has already leaked and hinted that it is calling for a total worldwide ban on such systems as it fears vapers and the unscrupulous may be adding ‘dangerous‘ ingredients.

And in its brain dead blinkered thinking, it believes rather than robust and sensible regulations – a total worldwide ban on vaping is the order of the day.

A bit of a nod to the EVALI crisis one might say…the WHO does like to pounce on anything vaguely ‘vape bad medication good‘ type scenario…

Now call me an old cynic, but a complete global ban on e-cigarettes, including a UK vape ban, would leave just Big Pharma’s products on the market – and they don’t work.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what’s going on here, yet the money grabbing faceless bureaucratic buffoons at the WHO think we can’t see through it’s almost comic shell game.

Comic in the darkest sense of the word given the lives of billions of smokers and of course vapers from across the globe are at risk here…

The WHO Is Being “Irresponsible and Bizarre”

That’s a nice way of saying the World unHealth Organization is acting like complete and utter bastards.

The words come from Clive Bates, a tireless pro-vape advocate and former head of Action On Smoking and Health – ASH.


He told the media:

The advice is completely irresponsible and bizarre.

If governments take it seriously, they will be protecting the cigarette trade, encouraging smoking and adding to a huge toll of cancer, heart and lung disease.

Something has gone badly wrong here.

Badly wrong‘ is the diplomatic way of saying this stinks more than an overflowing ashtray full of Gauloises…anyone that ever smoked those French fags know that awful smell lol.

Clive of course, has to be diplomatic, because God love him and all the other vape advocates out there, they have to work with these imbeciles on our behalf….I don’t as you can probably tell.

He was joined by Professor Peter Hajek, from Queen Mary University of London, who said:

There is no evidence vaping is highly addictive.

There is clear evidence that e-cigarettes help smokers quit.


Advocate For the Vape NOW!

So nope, there won’t be a UK vape ban…but this is no time to be complacent! I’ll show you how to get involved in a moment.

What there definitely will be, is more foul and poisonous hot air from those faceless health mandarins feeding the media with scare stories centered around vaping and e-cigarettes.


We might see a few opportunist and virtue signalling UK politicians pop up screeching about ‘saving the children‘ in the media now and then.

And definitely concerted efforts from Big Pharma lobbyists and WHO delegates offering ‘sweetners‘ to greedy MPs to join the UK vape ban cry.

But with a UK £2 billion life saving industry backed by the Government – to an extent – and major health organizations fully in support, it’s highly unlikely – OK VERY unlikely any such ban will ever occur on these shores.

Of course, to make damn sure it’s time to get involved!

Just imagine the power the 3 million plus UK vapers would have if we all joined a consumer advocacy group such as the New Nicotine Alliance – we are many…they are few… 😉

And of course the UK vaping industry really should join and support such organizations as the UK Vaping Industry Association [UKVIA] and the Independent British Vape Trade Association [IBVTA].

Forget the build back better mantra…in this case we’re stronger together…

So despite an anti-vape media, sabre rattling from those faceless health fascists from the WHO, and billionaires pushing to rid the world of e-cigarettes, at least here in the UK we’re safe…for now.

Read More On the WHO and It’s Anti Vaping Stance

And that, is just a handful of the articles I’ve written about the WHO and it’s shameful attack on vaping.

World HEALTH Organization my arse.

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