Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Truth Initiative’s “Depression Stick” – Vaping Post


Depression Sticks are now on sale near you, according to the idiotic Truth Initiative’s newest anti-vaping campaign.

WASHINGTON — Truth Initiative, in collaboration with marketing agency Mojo Supermarket, has announced a humorously idiotic plan to counter the so-called youth vaping epidemic. According to several media reports, the initiative is trying to market the side effects of vaping among youth, including mental health issues.

Truth created a fake vape company and a brand called “Depression Stick!” This is to raise awareness that nicotine can worsen the symptoms of anxiety and depression and underscore the potential mental health impacts of actual electronic cigarettes like Juul, Vuse, Blu, Logic, and NJoy. These brands, according to Truth, are the “brands popular among youth.”

“It was time for the tobacco industry to be exposed as a major contributor to the mental health crisis to help end youth vaping,” said Robin Koval, the chief executive officer and president of the not-for-profit Truth Initiative, in a press statement.

“In edgy truth fashion, Depression Stick! boldly highlights the marketing tactics Big Tobacco uses to lure young customers into life-long addiction and mess with their heads. The multi-platform campaign places the necessary spotlight on nicotine’s role in potentially heightening symptoms of depression and anxiety to give young people the facts they deserve to make informed decisions to live their best and healthiest lives,” Koval said.

“Youth are experiencing a mental health crisis right now, and we’re glad that Truth Initiative is raising awareness around the fact that vaping can intensify anxiety and depression,” said Schroeder Stribling in the same press statement. Stribling is the president and chief executive officer of Mental Health America. The group is partnering with Truth on this campaign.

“Young people should consider this information when they make choices about using vape products,” said Stribling. “We’re committed to providing that information and we stand alongside Truth Initiative as a resource.”

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