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Today: NNA Webinar on Smokers and Alternative Nicotine Products


Titled: ‘Tried it, didn’t like it: Why do many smokers not get on with alternatives?’, the online webinar discussion with Louise Ross, Hazel Chinnery and Liz Barber will be held shortly from 6pm – 7pm (BST).

“E-cigarettes have been around for over a decade now and it is difficult to find a smoker who isn’t aware of them. 3.6 million people vape and over half of those exclusively do so after formerly being smokers themselves. However, there are still millions more smokers who have tried safer alternatives but still choose to smoke cigarettes. What is it about reduced risk nicotine delivery products that just will not currently work for them? Is it the scare stories surrounding vaping or the lack of publicity of less harmful options due to over-cautious regulation? Is it that the technology does not quite emulate the smoking experience yet? Or maybe it is simply that, for many, there will never be anything better than ‘the real thing’?,” explained a release by the NNA.

The speakers will be discussing the above questions and more with two confirmed smokers who have experimented with safer alternatives but still happily choose to smoke cigarettes, whilst exploring the challenges this presents to those who would like to tempt them to switch to safer products.

 Full Event Details

Date: Thursday 23rd July 2020

Time: 18:00 – 19:00 (BST)

Format & terms: Webinar – details for joining the online discussion will be sent to those confirming their participation.

Speakers: Louise Ross, NNA Vice Chair; Hazel Chinnery, Business Consultant; Liz Barber, Retired Credit Controller

Topic: ‘Tried it, didn’t like it: Why do many smokers not get on with alternatives’


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