Tuesday, March 5, 2024

The First Provincial Key Laboratory of Hemp Industry in China Set up


On September 2, 2020, science and Technology Department of Heilongjiang officially posted the first Provincial Key Laboratory of Hemp Industry was established by relying on key university of Heilongjiang province, China.

The laboratory relies on the scientific researches from Harbin Institute of Technology. By giving full play to the research ability and achievement accumulation of strong disciplines and combining with the characteristics and advantages of regional economic industry in Heilongjiang Province, it strives to fundamentally solve the existing industrial technology bottleneck problem.

There are 25 researchers in the laboratory, including 19 professors and 84% of the team members have doctoral degrees. The laboratory team background covers chemical chemistry, biotechnology, life science, food science, agricultural science, clinical medicine, artificial intelligence and other directions, which can meet the research and development needs of key technologies in the whole hemp industry chain.

Since then, the development of hemp industry in Heilongjiang Province owns the original innovation highland, which provides an important startup for the leap forward development of hemp industry chain in Heilongjiang Province.

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