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The Prestige range by Aspire has just kept expanding, and this time they’ve added a particularly versatile, appealing clearomizer to their range. It’s designed for indirect inhalation. Meet the 9th. It can work with ready-made coils and an RBA base, massively increasing the possibilities.

A high-quality clearomizer

Under its Prestige brand, Aspire sells vaping kit that is high quality both in terms of production and design. The 9th is no exception. Designed in collaboration with NoName, like the Zero G, this clearomizer delivers a surprisingly good vape.

Technical specs

Diameter24 mm
CoilsReady-made or RBA based
Air intakeAdjustable
Drip tip510
MaterialsStainless steel

What’s in the box?

  • Replacement tank
  • Spare parts
  • Coils
  • Tool
  • User manual
  • Goodies

A Prestige box

Aspire puts a lot of effort into giving vapers the most it can in every one of its Prestige packs. This one includes the clearomizer, two coils, an RBA base and its dome and Pyrex tube, spare seals and screws, a manual, an Allen key and a sticker sheet. It’s a complete set to get you started straight away.

The clearomizer comes with a base that has an 510 pin and a single, fairly wide adjustable airflow. To adjust it, just turn the air flow ring, which moves smoothly.

The atomization dome is screwed onto the top. The one that uses the brand’s own AVP coils is fitted as standard. The coil is located under the dome and you just slide it in, up to the stop.

The dome is protected by the Pyrex tube and has large liquid intakes which open directly onto the coil.

Above the Pyrex tube is another part that makes filling the clearomizer with e-liquid really easy. The large opening means you can use different types of drip tips depending on the liquids you choose.

The opening is sealed off with a thick screw cap and a 510-size drip tip, which is easy to switch out for another. This system is leak proof.

It also comes with an RBA set. There is a 22 mm diameter, single coil assembly plate for mounting small coils.

It also comes with a second dome and a second Pyrex tube. The dome is designed for use with rebuildables as you can tell by the tiny e-liquid intakes on its base. Aspire have thought of everything – they’ve even included a second positive pin to screw under the RBA base. That reduces the air coming in under the coil, giving an even more restrictive vape.

The whole thing is machined to perfection, the threads turn smoothly and the seals are nice and thick. It’s obvious that this is a quality product.

Quality coils and a quality clearomizer …

The manufacturer has included both of its AVP coils. One is 1.15 ohm and the other is 0.65 ohm. Both are designed for direct vaping and restrictive direct vaping.

The first is better for MTL (when you inhale into your mouth and then into your lungs, like a tobacco cigarette) and delivers powerful flavours and a fairly average amount of vapour. The second is for restrictive DL (direct inhalation into the lungs). It makes a lot more vapour but manages to retain flavour well. The AVP coil range that works with the 9th can also be used on the AVP pod and the Zero G.

… which combine to make a very well-made atomizer

The best thing about the 9th is the fact that you can turn it into a single coil MTL atomizer. All you need to do is take the RBA base that comes in the box, fit a coil onto the two pads and insert the wick into the dedicated side channels. As the plate is small, you have to use the right coils. They need to be small but be able to deliver a quality MTL vape.

Assembling this plate is really easy, meaning any vaper can use it easily. It’s equally easy to put the dome and the entire atomizer back together.

Aspire have also added the option of changing the positive pin. The one it comes fitted with gives an airier vape, while the other one in the box lets you restrict the draw even more and boost flavour.

All of that puts vaping with the 9th on a par with atomizers designed specifically for this style. You get flavour and vapour. Aspire has really excelled itself with this RBA base, and the 9th is head and shoulders above the other MTL clearomizers on sale right now.


What we like

  • Simple, attractive styling
  • Quality technical production
  • The simple, efficient RBA plate
  • Total absence of leaks
  • Interesting coils
  • Flavour rendering


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