Thursday, February 22, 2024

Synthetic Nicotine Maker Warns Against Fakes


Next Generation Labs, a producer of synthetic nicotine, is advising the vape industry to be wary of recent claims by numerous Chinese manufacturers regarding the availability of synthetic nicotine for use in recreational adult vaping and other nicotine containing products.

According to Next Generation Labs, many of these brands are potentially violating the company’s nicotine manufacturing process patent or trademarks, or are counterfeit, fake, mislabeled, or are potentially misrepresenting their synthetic base material as being “not made or derived from tobacco leaf, stem, stalk, root, flowers or waste,” when they actually are tobacco-derived.

Over the past six years, Next Generation Labs has invested heavily in strengthening its intellectual property worldwide. In a press note, the company said it will act against any company that may violate its process patents for the manufacture of synthetic nicotine.

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